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Forgive me, Brother

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In explanation of paintings by Ilya Repin [link] Saren... Nihlus...
"Грозный Сарен убивает спектра Найлуса" типа того

I will be glad
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Saren is such a sad character. He gave everything to join Sovereign because he thought it would save the galaxy, only to be destroyed by his desire to help.
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Very nice. One problem though. Saren does have a brother but it's not Nihlus. Read the comics. His brother was indoctrinated but Reaper tech and could've turned the entire Turian population in husks on Paleven but thanks to the Illusive Man and Saren they stopped him.
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It's not brothers in a familial sense, but more brothers in arms.
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FunkyMonkey19Hobbyist Writer
I think Saren actually saved Nihlus, i mean who knows what Sovereign had planned for him if Saren hadn't killed him.
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This is a lovely picture! Well done!
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ah saren i mis this guy from mass effect :( best bad guy ever and a friend <3 :D
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DeltaAgentHobbyist Writer
Poor Nihlus. His eyes make him look like he's about to cry:( Love that art, though. Good job.
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This is beautiful. It really gives Nihlus some closure. I just wished that he wasn't used as a plot device. There was some real potential for his character.
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I wish they had shown this
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I always knew saren had a guilty conscience. Sad that he fell under the control of Sovereign...
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Mercedes12295Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I wanted to cry. Im crying right now....WHY!
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Уточнять про Репина было не обязательно, их поза и так всё говорит :lol: Очень прикольно получилось :lol:
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Представь себе, половина америкосов не в курсе)
Спасибо, задумывала серию пародий на картины наших великих, никак трёх охотников не закончу с тремя лучшими турианцами)
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ShadowNuriHobbyist General Artist
From the very first moment I saw Nihlus, I loved him to death...when he was shot it tore me apart in a sense.. It was sad for me. I also felt something for Saren in the end...he redeemed himself in his last moments on the Citadel--showed his true self. Just like in this picture. Absolutely moving.
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TheShadowDragonessHobbyist Traditional Artist
i started tearing up when i saw this, poor nihlus, if only sheperd had got there sooner :(
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i cannot say how amazing this pic is....

i love them both..... and i feel saren's regret for shooting nihlus
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sister-in-armsStudent General Artist
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sister-in-armsStudent General Artist
Иван грозный убивает своего сына
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RogueofAsgardStudent Photographer
I hated it when Saren killed Nihlus. Gods, Nihlus was half the reason i started playing this game, i freakig love him. this is gorgeous, i really really love it. nicely done.
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nosirahStudent Filmographer
The more I think about it, the more sad this is. I would go as far as to say that it is just as sad as the painting that you link. I'm also glad that this is traditionally done. That is rare on DA.
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