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Batarian female

By Yanarada
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I want the team batarian
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Son-of-Dromund-Kaas's avatar
Well hello gorgeous.
Excuse me Yanarada, would it be okay if I used this lovely lady as my picture on an rp forum? I really love you're art work, I will of course credit you everywhere I post it there <3
Chatterbox1991's avatar
i would like you would like to ask on behaf of my friend to use this for a MERP site, i will give you full credit.
GH0ST-FACE's avatar
I really like the way you do the batarian females, very believeabale
Compass-Wave's avatar
Ooooh, nice design! If they have female batarians in ME3, I hope they're something like your design! Absolutely wonderful!
Sadako0663's avatar
очень красивая батарианка)
tuszek's avatar
And easy on the eyes she is. :)
BloodRelic's avatar
CharlieWilcher's avatar
Oh wow, that's pretty good. This is what they should look like if the women are ever revealed.
vulpeinculta's avatar
What a cute batarian chick!
I like! Very impressive.
saralalah's avatar
Nice! Finally a female batarian that doesn't look like a male with make up and boobs XD.
Matt-2108's avatar
Best concept I've seen.
ilikelookingatthings's avatar
I agree. Very original. Well done :)
Meken's avatar
This is SOOO great, I'd love a batarian chick on the team! You totally nailed the look, really hope they'll appear like this! Awesome job as always!
drawanon's avatar
ooh, this looks awesome 8D
Shelest92's avatar
BigZ7337's avatar
Very cool, Batarians are the one species in the games that the developers haven't really shown any redeeming qualities. It'll be interesting to see what they're like in Me3.
Feena-c's avatar
Oh yes please~

I love your design. It's pretty and believable, best of both worlds. :heart:
Goddamn squints! Hopefully that concept won't be needed any more because all batarians die in ME 3 =p

But it's a very nice concept, well thought out and executed!
Yanarada's avatar
You're wrong! They will restore the status of the Council
TheArtributor's avatar
I would have thought the females as well would have the nasal passages, just a bit smaller. I think that would be a major design component in their bodies.
poly-m's avatar
Oooohhh sexy !
Aelfwen's avatar
Batarians need more love in the universe, no matter how surly they are!
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