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Batarian beauty

By Yanarada
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I think if women expressed batarian upper lip, then something like this because, according to the structure batarians men)
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gives me an idea for an fiction story for Me, thank you ^^
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Nice a shame she probably dislikes humans
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This is done soooo well
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This is the single best batarian I have ever seen. Seriously. I would loooove to have your permission to use this as a reference image for a character I'm putting together, if you'd allow me. :) Just a picture to have sitting in her profile, along with a link straight to you, this pic, and your name right there alongside for the usage, as is due your credit.

If not, well, it's your picture, so it's all good! I'd appreciate the permission, but if not, I'll just limit myself to appreciating the art; it's a thing of beauty as it is~
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Lovely work! The Batarians really didn't get a fair deal, story-wise, since the 'verse needed "bad" race :/.
Zarumee's avatar
That looks outstanding!

Too bad we didn't see any batarian females in-game...
ShaudaySmith's avatar
i like this interpretation. i've seen a lot of expressions where the artist would make them look like drell, or give them hair of all things. Appealing, yet distinctly batarian. nice.
Acavyos's avatar
Amazingly beautiful !!! That's how female Batarian will always look to me!
Zavala47's avatar
id make so much inter-species love with that batarian babe -_-
BloodAngelsCaptain1's avatar
Finally a Batarian that doesn't make me want to vomit X)
Xadren's avatar
As a male human, I don't like; but I think a male batarian would totally love her!
Good work! =D
GH0ST-FACE's avatar
..anyway looks like she would be some tribal desert woman haha I love it
GH0ST-FACE's avatar
never thought batarians were ugly in the first place, I always thought they looked cool haha
Andauril's avatar
Whoah... I never thought that a Batarian good be beautiful o.O I mean, four eyes and so? But she is it. Respect for making a ugly species attractice!
Morgue-Macabre's avatar
Those lips are so...kissable, i think is the word. She's very beautiful. <3
jazzknh's avatar
OMG a female batarian, FINALLY! Love it!
TheLoneInquisitor's avatar
she's very beautiful, but not so lucky, batarian males are all :fear:
You did a great job! ;)
jancz89's avatar
another batarian jewel, first female I've seen and beautiful too, great job
Avendus-VII's avatar
She is gorgeous! :heart:
Mihoshi5's avatar
Fantastic art :love:
chucharu's avatar
Daaammm. I mean thats all i can say!
Babywarrior5's avatar
Wow! I never thought I'd see Batarians as pretty, but wow. You did an awesome job making her gorgeous.
admiral-squee's avatar
This is awesome.

Although I think you could afford to put in those cheek flaps without sacrificing her feminine quality.
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