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2 to two. by YanagiYoruko 2 to two. :iconyanagiyoruko:YanagiYoruko 1 0
silver letters fall to the floor
unwelcome roses prick the snow
has it all become such a bore
listen sleep and we shall know
pills and feathers and broken face
walk out the door forget the keys
everything ticks without a pace
i wish i had some grace and ease
could you dance with a man of glass?
could you sell me a lullaby?
could you wake from dreams of claret?
could you rhyme me a road back home?
cinnamon days have long gone by
lines of beauty tarnished astray
find the most convincing lie
swans glide past without delay
could you dance with a man of glass?
could you sell me a lullaby?
could you wake from dreams of claret?
could you rhyme me a road back home?
could you take my hand if i let yours go?
:iconyanagiyoruko:YanagiYoruko 1 0
larkspur and lavender
the subtle whispers
the sideways glances
you knew that i knew
but you just couldn't stop
the doorway empty
the shredded letters
i knew that they knew
but nothing ever changed
the scent of true lies
the frigid morning talks
i knew that you knew
but the thread grew thinner still
:iconyanagiyoruko:YanagiYoruko 1 2
Sandcastles and sleeping suns
Cities built of glass and love
Walk a song by the train tracks
I'm still waiting to wake up
Buried drops of candy and wine
I wander and sigh and repent
It's all too late to remember
A time where we could thirst
Please tell me that I'm going home
Let the years shatter to minutes
Before my eyes I wish to see
My own blood dancing quietly
:iconyanagiyoruko:YanagiYoruko 0 0
my mother has wings of glass
transparent and enigmatic,
a window pane and a mirror.
we saw the gentle face of the winter sun
and could not feel its cold embrace.
but, wings of glass shatter easily.
my father has wings of stone
constant and unyielding,
a soldier with shield, without sword.
worn down by years of weather,
the tower still stands ever constant.
but, wings of stone are too heavy to fly.
my sister has wings of steel
brilliant, beautiful, and sharp.
both ornament and weapon,
wielded only by a destined warrior
with a life of quests and faraway lands.
but, wings of steel too often pierce flesh.
my brother has wings of water
immutable within ever-changing,
a silent speaker and illusionist.
we swam or drowned or floundered
and a quiet strength sustained life.
but, wings of water cannot leave their source.
i was born with wings of paper
thin and flimsy and blank.
a traveler without a destination,
writing everything down in her journeys.
scribbles of love, whispers of tragedy.
:iconyanagiyoruko:YanagiYoruko 2 0
You Can't
You can't sing
Yet every time I hear your voice
And those off-key lines of simple love
It's all I want to wake up to
You can't dance
In every clumsy leap and spin and jump
I secretly wished you'd trip and fall
So I could catch you in my arms
You can't paint
Dogs blur into fish like modern art on crack
But everything piece you make
Adds another color to my world
You can't act
Each line comes out stiff and recited
You're angry when you say you're not
And I'd do anything to make you smile
You can't write
But if those haphazard verses were meant for me
I'd wrap my feelings in something equally messy
Because I can't write either
You can't be
So many things, you say, as the tears fall
But all I see is all I need
Though I know you can't be mine.
:iconyanagiyoruko:YanagiYoruko 2 1
fall silent for me by YanagiYoruko fall silent for me :iconyanagiyoruko:YanagiYoruko 0 1 saturday afternoon sleep-in by YanagiYoruko saturday afternoon sleep-in :iconyanagiyoruko:YanagiYoruko 0 0
Everything in Between
Don’t need your empty dollars
Or tales of what I should have been
Don’t want to be a hypocrite
What strikes out doesn’t come back in
For all you narrow-minded
Who only care about being right…
You pushed me out the door that day
Because I started to think
I’ll give the words all back to you
As I stand here on this stage
I’m making good, bad
Or everything in between
Doesn’t matter if I’m not you
I’m making it on my own
Can’t hide, you peeling plaster saint
I’ve seen all the stupid tricks
Trying to pull on long lost strings
You’ll never guess what makes me tick
For all you little people
Who always want to be uptight...
You pushed me out the door that day
Because I started to think
I’ll give the words all back to you
As I stand here on this stage
I’m making good, bad
Or everything in between
Doesn’t matter if I’m not you
I’m making it on my own
:iconyanagiyoruko:YanagiYoruko 0 0
Stop and Go
in a city that never sleeps
there are no second glances
just breathe and take it all in
I believe in second chances
count every raindrop
your life falling away
it’s always stop and go
play all your old games
an intricate dance of wills
it’s always stop and go
cry at the drop of a hat
no time for sighs or regret
savor the sweet rejection
we learn to forgive and forget
drink until you drown
your memories washed astray
it’s always stop and go
etch a whisper in me
spin the delicate silk of lies
it’s always stop and go
:iconyanagiyoruko:YanagiYoruko 1 1
sweet dreams by YanagiYoruko sweet dreams :iconyanagiyoruko:YanagiYoruko 1 0 lace by YanagiYoruko lace :iconyanagiyoruko:YanagiYoruko 2 0 summer sleep 02 by YanagiYoruko summer sleep 02 :iconyanagiyoruko:YanagiYoruko 0 0 summer sleep 01 by YanagiYoruko summer sleep 01 :iconyanagiyoruko:YanagiYoruko 0 0 white tiger by YanagiYoruko white tiger :iconyanagiyoruko:YanagiYoruko 0 0 butterfly kiss by YanagiYoruko butterfly kiss :iconyanagiyoruko:YanagiYoruko 3 1

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Alright, so I finally moved deviantART accounts. I'm a bit too lazy to populate that account with old deviations from here, so it's a bit bare at the moment.  My new dA is primarily just going to be poems/lyrics and whatever photography that doesn't end up on my joint cosplay & photo account with LittleKiwiGirl (which is at shounen-ALiCE btw)

If you're interested in stalking me still, come find me @ :iconcybacle:
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