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Yanagi no Illustrator Brushes

By yanagi-san
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Q: It tells me it's a PDF file! I can't use this!
A: Sometimes the browser will say it's a pdf file. Right click on the download link and use the "Save as..." or "Save target as..." function and it should display the right extension. If not, then download it as a PDF, but change the extension to .ai once downloaded.

Q: How do I install these?
A: Save the file to your hard drive in your \Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator\Presets\Brushes folder. Next time you run Illustrator, the brushes should be listed in your brush menu.


Some simple brushes for Illustrator CS3.

I wanted to figure out how to make them, and also fill a gap- the lineart brushes out there for Illustrator are few and far between.

Enjoy. ^^

There are sparklies in it! Something I sorely miss from Photoshop!
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Gracias por los pinceles! estan geniales.

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Thnx for sharing :D
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Thank you for this! I will try it as soon as possible!
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I fav so that I can remember who to give credit when I finally use them! Thank you!
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I've been looking for Illustrator brushes that would resemble authentic ink lines. These look very close to what I've been looking for. Thanks for making them! =)
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very good nice thanks.

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These wouldn't work for me, and I'm bummed. I use a mac - downloaded as you instructed and changed the file extension, but they won't load in illustrator. Just when I thought I'd finally found perfect lineart bushes D:
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I like it but I can't change it to an ai format, I can rename but it won't change :/
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Do you have windows set to display known file type extensions? If you don't then you're only changing the name and not the extension. ^^; [it defaults to that on win xp and higher]
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Sweet share. Thank you.
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These are very useful, thank you!
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Can you convert these to GIMP brushes or no? :(
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This is just what I was looking for.
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Glad it helped! ^^
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These brushes are great. Here's one of the first things I did with them [link]
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Ah! How fun! Thanks for letting me know! ^^ [I hope your mom liked it]
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Thanks for the brushes! ^^
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PDF....no worky
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Just download it and change the extension to .ai instead of .pdf and it should work.
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These brushes are incredible, thanks a bunch! :)
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No problem! Glad you liked them! ^^
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hee hee,

i have a problem, doesnt matter how i try to save this file, it opens it as PDF :( i tried both browsers, and i also tried right clicking and doing save as..still PDF...got any tips?

I love this brushes!!!!!!!
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