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Yanagi Butterfly Brushes

A set of brushes made for PS6, CS, and up. I normally don't use other's brushes, but when I needed to, I found the general brush population was geared towards PS7 users. These are of different types of butterflies. Enjoy!
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Thank you for the brushes! :)
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Hello, your brushes are great! I used it for this deviation here: [link]
Hi! :DD those butterflies are awesome!! You did a wonderful work ^^ I'll use some of them in my first deviation and will upload it soon!
Thanks for making them! *3*
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hi againnn :giggle: use it here [link]
thankssss :hug:
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use your brush here [link]
thankss :hug:
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I used you brush here: [link] Thanks for making it! :) It helped brighten it up alot! :D
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No problem! glad you found a good use for them! ^^
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used here: [link]

thaaaank yooooou! :iconteamoplz:
hope you like it a little ;)
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Hi (:
I used your brushes in this deviation:
Thank you! x3
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Thank you for letting me know, it looks great! Good luck in the contest! :dance:
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Thank you so much! x3
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Hey I used your beautifull brush here's the [link]
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Thanks for letting me know; It looks great! ^^
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thanks for your brushes! =D
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And thank you for using them! ^^
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sorry I cant find any brushes that I can use! :(
These are amazing!
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You mean you don't have Photoshop, or you can't get them to work?
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I only have PH 5.0 :( So I cant use them on there...right?
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Ah...probably not. You could always give it a try though!
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I tryed and I got them...but they are just white how do I get them in colour? I tryed chosing a colour but its still white!
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I dunno. when you pick a color from the color picker, it's supposed to make the stamp that color.
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Its ok I got it working! Silly me chose the wrong brush type! XD
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