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Vis, Tera, Mika, and Rama [Sketch] by yanagi-san Vis, Tera, Mika, and Rama [Sketch] by yanagi-san
[Another image that was originally on Instagram.]

This is a look into the immediate future for a few of the side characters from the Atlantis: TVC light novels. Nothing too spoilery, so safe for me to post. :) I'm in the process of coloring it, but with a child, and a story, it takes a lot more time to finish an image now than I would like. [Unfortunately, I -do- need sleep. *shakes fist*]

I had a tooth pulled today and it got me to thinking that I don't update my DA account anymore. I'm sad because it seems like DA has gone in a completely different direction than it was headed back when I first joined, but I'm going to try to work with it a bit longer and see if I can make something of it. It's sad to just give up on something that was such a large part of my life for over ten years. o_o]

EDIT: There is a video of this on my Facebook page that I forgot to link!…
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March 1, 2016
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