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Hi, guys,
result of inktober challenge:
Inktober List 2018 by yanadhyana

I think that now I should have a good sleep.

Thanks for your attention and support Heart
Hi guys,

this year I want to seriously
use the opportunities of Inktober challenge and to get the maximum of fun and joy both from the process itself and from the result.
For this, I decided to set my own goals and objectives. I want to draw 4 stories consisting of five pictures each. These are symbolic stories.
Each story will be united by one name and all five pictures of each story I will submit to your attention every Friday of October challenge in
one file.

The stories:
First Story: Atonement - Done: Inktober. Story 1: Atonement
Second story: Transfiguration - Done: Inktober. Story 2: Transfiguration
Third story: Reunion. New life - Done: Inktober. Story 3: Reunion. New life
Fourth Story: Other Horizons - Done: Inktober. Story 4: Other Horizons

These are a little strange names for fairy-tale adventures, but this has an important personal meaning for me. Since under the tale lies the reality and sincere human experiences.
Everything will be disguised already known to you by my work characters. These are the girls of acorns and the Umbrella-Man, several new heroes.

Every week one story. For me, this is a big and unusual task.

While I was sitting and fishing these stories out of my memories and feelings, it turned out that there is an inner relationship between the stories. So I want to combine the stories together with the material selection. It's ink on white paper. The mixture of black and blue ink, from the history in blue / indigo shades to the history with the same color, but the addition of yellow ink and gradual into a mixture of green hue.
For my taste, this gamma is a good expression of the balancing of darkness and light with the subsequent pacification.

I hope I will take all the tasks and not deviating from the chosen course, ha-ha.

On the weekends, I will draw some pictures on different topics. These eleven pictures I plan to make with only black ink. I think it balances my inner tension. It will be practice in the use of black ink, which I recently use less and less. Themes: 
Door - Done: Inktober: Door
Dragon - Done:  Inktober: Dragon
Key - Done: Inktober: Key
Whale - Done: Inktober: Whale
- Done: Inktober: Tree

Lighthouse - Done:  Iktober: Lighthouse
ing -Done:  Inktober: King
Deer - Done:  Inktober: Deer
Wolf - Done: Inktober: Wolf
Moon Flowers - Done: Inktober: Moon Flowers
Lunar Bull.

I hope I can implement this and use the Inktober challenge for my own motivation in creating narration in pictures without words.
I leave this journal entry here so that I do not change my mind at the last moment (=

Kind regards,


Yana Dhyana
Artist | Traditional Art


Hi guys,

The October Challenge came to an end for me.
I think I should reward myself with a good sleep at least (=
Inktober List 2018 by yanadhyana
Thanks for your attention and support Heart
Hi guys,
Suggestion section for coloring pages open here too:
You can offer any topic of simple curiosity and just for fun in comments here.
I will combine any ideas that I will be able to realize
I will be pleased to know your wishes  La la la la
Page for coloring 2 by yanadhyana   Page for coloring 1 by yanadhyana
Three blocks of topics:
1. Between the worlds
2. Magic landscapes
3. Suggestion section (Open) -
Because I need to generate a bunch of ideas!!!
Hi guys,
every time a music disc comes out with a cover that I draw, I feel a very pleasant feeling of celebration in the soul.

Here you can listen to music:…
Yay La la la la
Hi guys,
tell me what the art-challenges for the month you know? Inktober, Mermay, and I know
yet Catvember^___^

I want to know more different variations and who loves to take part in which of them. What materials are used and what are the main tasks put and etc.

I'm still going to be able to take part in the Inktober. Are you going to?
Hi guys,
Last year I drew the cover for the disc for music band "
Destroyer of Light"
I promised to give a link to the released album, he came out in May this year. Here is link on released album "Hopeless":…

For those who love metal bands Headbang! 


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