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VeiGar and LuLu

Just my reverie... ( 〃´ 艸`〃)
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ok I have a serious question. What is Veigar? Ok I know he is the same species as Lulu but in the pictures where you see his face, it's: 
- blue skin, white hair and scars
-He is physically a black cat
-Normal white human tones with dark hair and cats ears

WHAT DOES HE TRULY LOOK LIKE!?! I'm going insane!
please help me
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hes a black cat with a scar on his eye(the same eye as katarina's scar)
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We don't know! :D 
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Actually. There is a picture where one of the riot employees drew veigar without his hat.
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It's from kienan lafferty. Formerly Riot Knockwurst. It's called yordle explorations.
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so it is officially confirmed that he's a cat. ok. he still looks here
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Kya! this is so cute! Meow-thank You    DO YAH?    
Quick question, did you draw Veigar with scars on his body because in his lore he was captured by Noxian police guards?

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Hi, Can I have permission to use this picture for a Lulu x Veigar fanfiction I'm writing called "Blue and Purple"? The Story is still a work in progress.
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Found it!

I think it was pretty interesting btw :3
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interesting, where can I read this fan fic of yours?
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kiss kiss kiss [O_O]
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This is .... amazing :3
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nice couple! ^^ i love this picture
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