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The Last Winter Moon Commission 4

Commission done for my amazing future Undyne voice actress :iconaderumoro:!!!

You have to check out her website and books dear potatoes!!! :iconshaplz:

And also her Youtube AHH:icondurrhurrplz: 

Check them out on Tumblr too ^3^ 

Done for the amazing talented Aderu!
Wahh making backgrounds is always a challenge for me but oh la la
I really wish I would finally start praticing more ><
Anyway this was super fun to do!!!
The characters  had such nice clothes ohoh
plus omg try spotting that little tragic love story going on between the falling spiders ;__;

All characters © Adelle Yeung
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Ahahah, so lovely! :D You are great at expressions!^^
Shy-Eevee's avatar
This looks amazing! 
TzarinaRegina's avatar
The best part is still the tragic spider romance! XD
G-I--R's avatar
you kept the tragic lovestory between the spiders!! hahaaaaa XDD
i forget their names! wasnt it dave? D=

but anyway omg the way the light gleams off the webs, and it always feels like i can see the action happening even tho its a stillshot, and the facial expressions hahahaaaaa, youve got this studio thing in the bag :excited: 
Sereida-Arts's avatar
This looks amazing! Also eww spiders...
AzureRat's avatar
Spider webs can be scary.
GreenAngel5's avatar
OH man! I would be freaking out if there was still spiders on those webs :laughing:
Awesome scene :clap:
KingWillhamII's avatar
HAHA, great stuff! 
Domolishious's avatar
Don't joke about that man, that stuff is freaky~. But seriously, good job ^-^
DatSmollPotato's avatar
Aaaah c'est trop génial! ;v; :heart: Anime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2] 
Kadaj-LeoPard's avatar
This is amazing! @@
K-KAT7773's avatar
Me walking around the side of my house... "AACK SPIDERZ!!!"
My sister would be the one laughing in the background... -_-
LARS777's avatar
The coloration of your works is as astonishing as ever,i can't really get enough of it 8D
Is Aderu gonna be the voice actress for that Undyne animation you're doing?8D
AderuMoro's avatar
Tragic love story between the spiders?!?!? Is it the one on the shoulder and his finger tip? X'D

ANYWAY I LOVE IT nggghh looove looooove
AderuMoro's avatar

Also I love your background work here, I think you did a fantastic job :D
H0TAR0's avatar
Woah! i didnt know you take commissions, do you have a commission prices? 
PkingSora's avatar
XD ahahah this is great! 
hawksbluevibes's avatar
angelnor101's avatar
How are your colours so good???
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