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Fi Transformations (UPDATE)


EDIT: enjoy the new  look
forget the old
consume consume consume
ain't that what we all want
my heart is bleedin
not love tho because that would be leona lewis' song HAHA ehhhh
i mean be happy life is short


I always thought it would have been awesome if Fi
would have changed appearance as your sword evolved Atomic Cock 

To create each form I just based myself on the sword's design :D
and also on Ghirahim Y M C- Wat.

Don't get me wrong though, I LOVE Fi's original design :heart:
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The one in the middle looks like Pearl.

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why am I so obsessed with drawing her?

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The one on the far left is my favorite.

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I wish Fi was real.

She would be a great girlfriend
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why does final form have no arms?
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Where'd her arms go?! Nuu 
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These are all super gorgeous. 
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not exactly sure what's new here slkjfdlkf but i'll take it
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Looks like she evolved from an SU character to a Zelda character :D
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Yeah, that's what came to mind for me too.
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Ahhhh!!! Incredible! I love your work x3
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I mistook this for one of the blue gems from SU XD
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Gosh how incredible! I do like this style of yours^^ I hope you'll do some kind of action scenes someday with your work~ I'm just suggesting is all^^
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I love how she slowly becomes less and less human looking. its cool
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I realize this is super old but I just have to comment- her changing as the Master Sword is slowly forged makes sense, too! Because she changes as the story advances; she starts out as just someone who is supposed to guide the chosen hero from place to place, but by the end, she has grown to care about him and has a better grasp on the human spirit. Her transformation as the adventure evolves to match her own evolving sense of self would have been such a lovely art choice.
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Why does she suddenly remind me of Pearl from Steven Universe? 😑
lol i came here from some steven universe fanart
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Oh my god! Are you serious!? XD
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this is AMAZING Design of Fi.
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