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Ariel - The Little Mermaid - Mermay!

By YamPuff
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This lineart is available for download at yampuff.com

2-16 EDIT: I've updated and redrawn Ariel in honor of MerMay!!!
It's Ariel! One of my favorite princesses growing up (more because of her being a mermaid than anything else, for favorite princess as a character, I liked Belle). She got second place in my Disney Princess poll, and I have far too few mermaids in my gallery so I decided: let's do it!

I will probably draw Belle from Beauty and the Beast sometime soon, but otherwise I don't see myself doing a Disney Princess 'thing'. I think it can be a little gimmicky and cliche, so I'm just drawing the ones I like when I feel like.

But by all means, feel free to commission me to do more. :iconwaggleplz:

This Lineart is available for color!

Please note that making adoptables out of my linearts is not allowed!

You can download it, print it out and/or color it digitally. You can upload the image pretty much anywhere on the web as long as credit and link back is provided! Also, please send me a message or note with a link so I can take a look and favorite the work if it’s on DevArt! I’ll also probably submit it to be added to my club! I love seeing the creativity that goes into the coloring process!

Please note that my linearts are for personal, non-commercial use only. Do not download the lineart and upload it somewhere else uncolored. If you want to share my lineart, link back. Do not submit your coloring of my lineart as a print, or as a t-shirt on a site like Zazzle or Etsy. If you’re interested in a collaboration to sell stuff with my work, contact me and we’ll see if something can be worked out.

If you’re not sure about anything, just Note or Message me! :la: I’m sorry to sound all stuffy with the ‘do nots’ but my work has been getting around and I wanted to make my rules more clear.

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Love these.. My 4 year old granddaughter is going to want to look through them over and over etc.. again!
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Aw, that's so sweet!
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She's soooooooo adorable!!!!!!! And is the best Disney character EVER!!!!
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-giggles- But it's the truth, right?
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I always thought Ariel was pretty, but I never knew she could look so CUTE!!!
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I would like to color this! 
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Go right ahead! Just please read the rules in the description.
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Awesome Drawing. Ariel has always been one of my favorite princesses! La la la la 
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Ariel - The Little Mermaid Colored by Maiko-Girl Finally got around to finish coloring this! :D (Big Grin) 
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Came out really pretty!
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Very cute! ^_^
She looks sassy. ;)
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Welcome as always. :)
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your art is so pretty, my friends love them, Heart 3D Heart 3D Heart 3D Heart 3D 
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yw, hey can i ask you something. My friend recently saw one of your drawings with a waitress girl in it and wants me to ask if you can draw another one similar to it please?
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