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United Kingdom

Anxious Bubble | Hobbyist | Female

i try
hufflepuff. unusual. permanently tired.
i should act my age but that would be boring.
moved away from friends. here to fan. like minded others are welcome.

BNHA: open

:iconstaramulet: Is hosting a oc / fanart pairings :)

Make sure to check our her rules and fill out the form ^^

Open BNHA Oc/fanart requests
Please fill out either the form for your ocs or for fanart or both if that what you want. Comments not filled out as so will not be accepted and ignored.

Alright, So I've seen this going on a while before so I thought why not give it a shot myself as well? 
To begin with, I do need practice in drawing seeing as I'm not usually consistent with my style and improve in different aspects. 
So to begin with the requests will be taken each into consideration, however not all in order and will be done during free time. 
Now onto the Rules:
- There will be a form at the bottom so please fill it out and correctly or it won't be accepted
-This is only for BNHA oc's, no multiverse OC's 
-Share the journal 
-No limit to oc's 
-please do not rush me, I would appreciate it after all this will be done during free time.
-please don't be rude either.
-It would be appreciated to get a watch

Below is were I am in work sorry slow with requests I have been feeling low so selfishly doing my own thing to feel better.
Still looking for people to join my FutureAu Characters to be in their class and able to have fun interacting with others as it's really cheered me up ^^
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:bat: Art work to do... (Edit: 02-08)
BnHA: Grandpa bathing
BnHa Future 1B comicstrips
Yuzuki x ?

request for hollyleaf12 / DONE
YCH Anthro for fearlesstiger
Request for taikurinvaimo
Request for Waffy-chan
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