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You're really good at landscapes! Do you have any advice for how to make good landscapes?

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Hello. Sorry for the late reply. Thank you I really appreciate it. Honestly I am still practicing. There are still elements I am missing. As far as I know look at references(this could be pictures from the internet or your own pictures. Do a study or use the references as a base for your drawing then create your painting. A lot of artists use references. It helps you memorize how to, what to place objects in a scene and what objects look like. It can train your memory. In the future you can paint a scene without the help of a reference. Do a few thumbnail sketches of what you want and then pick one that feels right to you.

Don't forget your Foreground, Middleground and Background. This will then determine where your main subject is.

Use different types of shapes to differentiate your main subject from the surroundings, use your contrast of colors or contrast of lighting. Pick one or mix them together. Use shapes to determine the direction of your painting where do you want your audience to go to.

Perspective. Practice perspective too. Start from 1 point then proceed if you think you got it.

You can mix photobasing and painting together. Photobash some textures into your painting but thats up to you or you could just pain all textures by yourself. Use textured brushes it might help. Just remember not to high detail everything some only need simple details especially the ones in the background. I used to do that. Sometimes I still do. hahaha.

I hope this helps and if its confusing just ask me anything again