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My Anime Crossover Meme


My first Meme! Let's see how it goes! This was inspired by :iconstarfishboxors:'s [link]

So the thing of it is to pick 5 anime, manga or games you favor and draw your original character in the universe.

Here's my submission:
Yu-Gi-Oh!: My first cosplay was the Rare Huntress, and I am a huge fan of Yami Marik, who I refer to as Malik.
Pokemon: My OC who appears in [link] I used a game sprite version. (Got lazy, oh well.)
LoZ: Twilight Princess: I just loved how the beings of Twilight, especially Midna's forms, looked; and I loved how I was able to pull it off here with hardly any reference or tips.
Bleach: All against Aizen, so what better to show it than by being the species of his greatest enemy and semi-accomplishment?
Slayers (Revolution): An addiction revived, this is a Half-Dragon Half-Human. Her problem, she can't withdraw those huge wings and tail like Filia can.

Ta-da I just love it, now I tage anyone who wants to give it a shot, the palette can be found here: [link]
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Did the meme ^_^

[link] Im happy with myself :P
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Still need to do this meme...I have ideas..just havent done them yet >.>, <.<, '_'....

(Ideas: Bleach, Naruto, Phoenix Wright, Kingdom Hearts and either GunZ:the Duel, Hellsing or Monster Hunter...just a thought is it ok if I do a cut and paste and add on extra slots? :)
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It's okay to make more slots :P go crazy!
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*end of twitch*

YAY!!!! :cookie::cookie::cookie:
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would you happen to have a blank version?
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check the link at the end of the desc here, but it's in my scraps if it's any easier.
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Oooh, what a unique meme. I might give this a try. With school going on it'll take a while to complete, but it'll give me something to work on in my idle moments. ^^

I like your creative takes on your OC in your favorite anime/games. ^^ Nicely done!
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.......i'm a total noob for asking this, but what is slayers revolution?
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It's the fourth newest season of slayers. The first three seasons are Slayers, Slayers Next, and Slayers Try. It is a very cool anime for sheer insanity and plot.
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hmmmmm. sounds cool! by crazy do you mean death note crazy or bobobo crazy?
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bobobo crazy but not that much crazy. Each season is 26 episodes, and it usually doesn't get serious until the last...5 or 6 episodes. The rest are filler with somewhat loose connection to the climax of the season.
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well. sounds interesting. i'll look into it and thanks for introducing me!:)
YamiUmiRyu's avatar will be your download source.
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oh! thanks but i doubt i'll be downloading anything. dial-up and all. but thanks!
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then I guess you'll be youtubing
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What a very intresting project, it looks very well done and is cool and awsome^^.

Keep up the great work^_^
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Wanna give it a try?
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