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Mon May 27, 2013, 2:30 PM

Hi guys! Pardon whilst I dust this account off. Thought I'd try my hand at some journal CSS. I'm sure it'll explode in other browsers but whatevs. Anyhow, I'm doing commissions!

Price can vary depending on how complex the subject matter is. Payment method is Paypal. A sketch is shown to the commissioner before payment, and they may request 1 round of minor changes. If the commission is anything beyond a sketch, they may request 2 rounds of changes. +$10 for each additional character. I'll draw anything from humans to anthros to dragons and machines, from toony to semi-realistic. I won't draw pornagraphic/fetish subject matter, or excessive gore. Note or e-mail me if you're interested!

Fullbody Commissions

Bust Commissions

From head to waist

  • $10 for a character bust sketch, no backgrounds
    +$5 for a sketched background
  • $15 for an inked character bust, no backgrounds
  • $25 for a colored and shaded character bust, no backgrounds
    +$10 for a simplistic vignette-styled background, or +$20 for a fully painted background
  • $50 for a fully painted (no line art) character, no background
    +$20 for a fully painted background