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concepts 04 by Yamita concepts 04 by Yamita

Speaking of cybernetics! More fleshing out of relatively minor characters. First pic involves two criminals/prisoners in Brensing’s crew. The birdie gal (Tarrow) is loosely based off a luzon bleeding-heart pigeon. The big guy (Kith) is a naturally armored aquatic race from Brensing’s oceanic homeworld. Bren’s race and Kith’s race are distantly related, and they share the planet with a lot of other intelligent aquatic races, which is considered rare in this particular solar system.

Kith and Tarrow were within the same criminal organization, Tarrow being the mob boss’ daughter and Kith being hired muscle. Tarrow was a Rose Ink spectrian, specializing in interrogation/torture. At some point things went south within the organization and Kith lost his arm, leg and tail while protecting Tarrow. Subsequently they were arrested, but in exchange for mob information (much to Kith’s consternation), Tarrow was able to procure cybernetic limbs from Armurex, however shoddy and offbrand. Couldn’t get him an arm though!

The thicker tail in the lower left is what it would naturally look like. Below is Brensing’s tail - that particularly family has fins favoring the dorsal side. Kith’s artificial fin goes all the way up his spine as one piece, and Brensing has individual spine fins (folded down).
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March 22, 2015
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