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concepts 03 by Yamita concepts 03 by Yamita

Was in the mood to flesh out some other Armurex enforcers that may or may not pop up in my derpy comic every now and then.

Durante and Perry are the lead officers for the scouting/reconnaissance division on Ehyoata. There are two intelligence races that share a peaceful existence on Ehyoata: the gargoyles, and the incredibly hardy threpins. Perry’s a gargoyle, like Wendy, and Durante’s a threpin.

Threpins are decedents from adaptive ancestors that lived on planets that were by and large uninhabitable by most other species. They can withstand extreme temperatures, hot and cold, can go without sustenance for weeks on end, and breathe toxic atmospheres. This makes them highly sought after for scouting and exploratory operations.

Durante clawed his own eyes out due to a spectrian attack (psychic magic-user scramblin’ up his mind), so he went without sight for a year before Wendy found him a deal with an up-and-coming tech business. Cybernetic limbs are common, but replicating vision is a new technology. Wendy managed to pull enough strings to allow for them to beta test these eyes, on the condition that Durante writes reports on them. Inadvertently, Wendy ends up doing a lot of rudimentary maintenance. Durante can endure superheated sandstorms, but his eyes certainly can’t.
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March 18, 2015
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