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Sphinx 003 by Yamita Sphinx 003 by Yamita
I have a little story in my head that started with quadruped dragon tribes and somehow ended up not that at all. It could kinda’ sorta exist in the Filamentry world but maybe not, dunno yet. These are two of the three main characters, and they use a sort of magic, but it’s not as abstract or as flashy as Spectria (Filamentry’s magic system).

They’re basically arc welders/metalworkers that conduct their own electricity. Initially they were types of weaponsmiths that made spectral weapons that could slay their phantasmical enemies, but I nixed that in favor of something more simple, as I have a terrible habit of making things way too complex and confusing. Using innate skill and specializing in a corner of magic that deals in electricity, the green-haired guy can generate alternating current, and the bug guy generates direct current. The conduits are their hands, and they generally use big ol’ welding rods or plasma cutters. Naturally they can run out of juice if sustaining a high current for too long, and they release heat via just puffing it out, as shown. Their aprons are mostly uniform and utility - they can endure the superheated vapors and UV light, though green-hair had been permanently blinded by an arc flash early in his career. They can accept an electric shock, but only if they’re ready for it. Creating an actual arc between hands and the work piece is difficult, so it all involves contact. I want to emphasize that it’s not like… Zatch Bell or Static Shock powers with lightning bolts arcing all over the place. It’s quick, loud and blinding, and too uncontrollable for combat (so far!). Green-hair is the more powerful of the two, but bug guy can store the energy he creates, unlike his cohort.

They’re allied with a faction united under one purpose - driving off the ghost-like race that means to take hold of their villages. Green-haired guy and bug guy (don’t have names for ‘em yet) work at small military outpost building and repairing their faction’s warmachines. Occasionally they’re sent to salvage abandoned enemy vessels.


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November 25, 2015
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