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Misc Johnnyappleseed 002 by Yamita Misc Johnnyappleseed 002 by Yamita

Another story I had involved legend characters from the tall tales setting, or something close. It’d be one of the few times I’d include a modern setting, as nothing bores me more than every day locations with every day humans. But! It would begin and center around the daughter of a dairy farmer who’d practice witchcraft in private. At some point she’d learn how to summon certain spirits, or she’d stumbled upon a relic relating to western folklore, and call up Johnny Appleseed himself. Well, I haven’t decided if it would be actually him, or some embodiment of his ideals. In any case, usually only druids would summon him to help regrow a recently charred forest, but the witch has other plans.

Johnny would be a kinda’ aw-shucks/Fixit Felix character, and politely try to unsummon himself, but this witch’s relic keeps him around, and allows her to switch on a chaotic state in which he cannot deny her commands. The two of them wreak havoc in some manner, likely in the name of justice, and then we’d introduce the protagonist(s), which I’m not sure of yet. I wanted to bring in some representation of Annie Oakley and/or Pecos Bill, and respective witches and warlocks that summon them willingly.

I have a vague image of Johnny’s witch in my head, and I’ll scribble her up at some point.
wizardofosmond Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2015
He should also be a drunken lush, since the apples ol Johnny spread were for making hard cider, not pies.
Yamita Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Haha! Good plan.
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