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Ecco scribbles
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The marks on your head look like stars in the sky!

So I like Ecco, and I like mers. Thus.

Ecco was a large part of my childhood. Okay well, Ecco Jr mostly, because that was the only goddamn game I could get anywhere in. Ecco Jr was for babbies. :( So here’s some babbies! And an older Ecco. The very few named characters of the series. Kitnee (I almost typed Katniss) was an atlantic spotted dolphin, Ecco a bottlenose of course and Tara, an orca. I always played as Kitnee. :v

A while back I dicked around a lot in the other two games via emulator and glitched the hell out of it, good times. DEATH SONAR. Don’t… don’t ask me about dorsal fins and jackets idk THERE’S A HOLE IN THE BACK OK.

I don’t know how the fuck these games got a greenlight being as weird and deep as they are. Brb gotta stop an aquatic alien race from suckin up the oceans and also need to time travel to dinosaurs and the future with flying dolphins and sky water tubes also atlanteans and spaceships.
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Because poo is hilarious.
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...pod or poo?
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Don't feel bad. The only Ecco game I could ever beat was Jr, too! :XD:
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Yamita|Professional Digital Artist
Haha, oh good XD
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