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Alisa Bosconovitch (model download)

Rigged by me, extracted from Tekken 6
I added a slider to show off the skirt, because sometimes is troublesome.
She doesn't have facials, because I'm really tired and it's very difficult on her (I NEED SOMEONE WITH EXPERIENCE IN FACIALS, VOLUNTARIES?)

No edit - trade - redistribuite

*******************Also which do you want for be the next one for download?***************
Baby Doll (sucker punch)
Fran (final Fantasy 12)

Download: [link]
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Can you also extract a Ling Xiaoyu model
I've been trying to look for a model of her around here.
TeenTitans01's avatar
Mistress: um excuse me but could you please pleas rig edge maverick from starocean the last hope.
dawarentin's avatar
Downloaded.thank you
Fg-Constructions's avatar
Thanks for her! I used her here:
Sciff3's avatar
andreii-s's avatar
Podrias intentar extraer Alisa de Street FighterXTekken
YamiSweet's avatar
No es la misma? o3o
andreii-s's avatar
el personaje sí, pero el diseño gráfico es muy diferente

mira: [link]
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andreii-s's avatar
ya se xD

...Crees que podrias intentarlo?
YamiSweet's avatar
Es que yo no se rippear, me los dieron... :P

Pero a ver si preguntando... ^^"
JOJImmd's avatar
Cool but Alisa
looks weird to me xD
kagaminetasyrif's avatar
May I give you a suggestion?
How about you rip and rig Lily (tekken 6) and Stryker (mortal kombat 9)?
YamiSweet's avatar
I think Lily is a cool idea ...
BlackCat500's avatar
I remember i had king-sized poster of her in my room...then mum figured it and my beauty was gone ;w;w;w;w;w;

innov8tor00's avatar
So she won the vote? didnt know. XD YAAAAAAAAAA Alisa
LuarantMoon's avatar
This is really awesome! You should do Lee next 8'D
xXwarrior-of-lightXx's avatar
so cute!!:la:
you are fantastic at mmd stuff!!:la:
YamiSweet's avatar
Thanks! Glad u like it! ^^
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