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Hi there and welcome to the
Anniverse General Lore journal!

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Lore of Annies

Long ago... when humans lived together in harmony, accompanied by the powerful yet gentle nature, there was peace. Back then, every human was blessed by the spirits. As long as they respected the spirits and acted as guardians for their respective benefactor, harmony would remain. Disrespecting the spirits was an act of sin, and no human could imagine what would happen if they actually did.

But as the times changed, humans grew bigger in numbers, and nature tormented humans to keep the population at bay. Some humans started to feel betrayed by their spirits, as they expected protection from the wrath of nature as long as they respected the spirits back.

As nature was in the way, humans needed to remove the trees and inhabiting animals to make space for their own offspring and future.

Outraged by the disrespectful acts, the holy spirits cursed the humans who had awoken their fury.

Punishment for rebelling against the spirits did not fall directly on said humans themselves, but instead on their offspring. They were punished with having to see their mistakes grow up, older and more aware of their parents' mistakes day by day.

It was the cruelest thing that could happen to a human. Abandonment by the spirits and their blessings, seeing their children grow up with less strength, finding it harder to yield magic, and being labelled a sinner. This not only made the humans isolate themselves in shame, but also be shunned away by previously blessed humans.

As the humans who kept working in harmony with their spirits did not want to be associated with the traitors of nature, they no longer wanted to be seen as a regular human anymore.

And the humans who desperately tried to rise from shame, still stand prideful for their actions, and did not want to be associated with the judging blessed humans who did not want to understand reason either.

"Spirit humans" and "Blessed humans" sounded too kind and regal for them, so the term "Animal Humans" came by in an attempt to put the blessed humans down.

However, instead of being insulted, they bowed down and replied:

❝ Yes, we are humans, blessed by the spirits of animals, plants and all living things.

We are the ones who respect our nature.
We are now to be called animal humans.
With respect for our ancestors, we see no shame. ❞

❝ We are Annies ❞

How the Blessings work

When a plant, animal or any living thing passes away, they turn into a spirit. It is yet to be known if the spirits are all just one great spirit meshed together, or if they are individual spirits with their own thoughts. Different Annies have their own beliefs and culture regarding  the subject, however, they are all unified in that they all worship, respect and work in the name of their spirits.

No Annie is born with their blessings. If that happens, it is seen as a miracle of the blue moon. The Annies usually receive their first, but not always their last, blessing around the age of 8 years old. Right before they hit the age of maturity.

An Annie parent's blessing(s) does not determine their child's.
They can range from vastly different to the exact same thing.

Many believe the spirits choose intentionally which Annie gets what blessing, but others argue that it's completely by chance.

An Annie may be blessed by more than one spirit if they are deemed worthy. What makes them worthy is unspecified. It can be that the spirits are in need of protection, or it would benefit the Annie's life, or even because they have the potential to become warriors etc.

The spirits are not only animals, they can be of
any past living thing that has existed.

After the conflict between Annies and humans, Annies have intensively sought to better their connections with their spirits, constantly meditating to try and find their link to the core of their soul.

If a connection is made, they gain greater access to the benefits of their blessing. Turning more into an individual being, rather than a singular being blessed by external sources. The more connected they are, the more they can change the spiderweb of blessings into an intermingled new creation.

Yami is blessed by a Cat and a Rose.
As she has good connections with her spirits,
the blessings can combine and create something unique.

She can communicate better with cats, summon roses,
or even summon an appearance that is the mix of the two.

Her physical traits and mindset will also be affected by the spirits,
which can be beneficial when fighting and the like.

A human is never completely hopeless from regaining their blessings again. If a human child shows respect to the cultures of Annies, nature and all its living beings, there is a chance the spirits will decide to bless the upcoming generation (the humans' children), to once again belong to the world of Annies.

However, this is not known to the humans,
and most Annies try to not spread this information around,
in fear of the previous sinners' blood mixing with future Annies.

More about Annie blessings here:


If an Annie receives their blessing(s) late, there is an unfortunate possibility that they will suffer from bullying or exclusion, in fear of being associated with a regular human — a so called "sinner" among the majority of Annies. However, not receiving their blessings on time does not necessarily mean they are not a full fledged Annie.

Annies dress very sophisticated, regal and rich. They usually like to display their blessings' features in the most flattering way. They have high appreciation for fashion and cultural things. Showing your legs is very common and is seen as the most attractive part for many. If a person decides to hide their legs, they are usually seen as rebellious, brave or a fighter.

The more blessings an Annie has, the higher their social status becomes, whether written out or unspoken.

More about Annie culture here:


Up until recently, humans and Annies had lived apart for generations, building their own cities, creating their own ideologies and worlds.

However, one day, everything changed when meteors fell onto the world; destroying cities, the people and their culture along with it. The previous non-unified species of Annies and Humans had no choice but to accept that they have to work together.

Though some people do not believe this to be an act of nature nor spirits, but rather a sign that somebody wants to change the order of the world.

❝ Internal wars, betrayal and discrimination are all but the few things
this world needs to overcome to once again live in harmony. ❞

Annie Facts

The lifespan of an Annie is the same as a human's + the lifespan of their spirits.

Humans can live up to 100 years.
If an Annie is blessed by a turtle that lived around 250 years,
that will be added to their lifespan, for a total of 350 years.

They usually display their blessings onto themselves by summoning a part of them. How much they can summon depends on the connection they have with their spirit.
For example: an Annie blessed by a cat may summon cat ears or a tail etc.

They can have different colored pupils in the shape of one of their spirits as well. In rare cases, the pupils are able to glow.

They also gain physical benefits from their spirits, such as a better sense of balance or night vision if they are blessed by a cat.

An Annie can also choose not to display their blessings' features if they wish, which can make them appear like a normal human. However, this practice is considered uncommon and looked down upon.

More about Annie lifespans & biology here:

More about their magic and social standing in the world are to come in the future! ♥

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© 2015 - 2021 Yamio
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So say I would like to "Have" an Annie character, do I just make one? Do I have to follow a specific template? or do I have to buy one? I'm kinda new to your page, so I'm not as educated in this stuff haha.

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Hello! I apologize for the late reply!

Please visit the group for more information!

But to make an Annie of your own, you need a MYO (Make your own) ticket!

More information about that in the group! Thank you so much for your interest! ♥

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I'd really like to design an Annie! The ones I've seen look really cute! Stars   
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Awww that makes me so glad to hear!
Feel free to join our discord so you can make your own after you've collected activity points! ♥
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uwaa these are so cute !! i'd love to make one ! >:3
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Thank you so much for your interest!
New Annies are often released, alongside MYO and contests where you can win one!
Good luck ♥
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Well, I'm sure I'll want to make an Annie or two soon. They seem really fun to invent. kaomoji set 1 4/19 
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Awww that makes me so happy to hear! ///_// ♥
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Of course!! kaomoji set 1 11/19 
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(^o^)♥♥♥♥♥ You Make This Kind Of Things Better Than Me (I Do It In My Notebooks, But I'm Not Good At All) Great Job!!!!!! ♡♡♡
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This is very interesting. I would love to create an Annie, the lore is fascinating (btw "Annie" is also my younger sisters name, how cute) 
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Ooooh so glad you like it! And such a wonderful name ahaha (//_///) ♥
YemarianaUchiha's avatar
oooh i love it so much ;v; Are we able to create our own Annie's? I'd to make one since the universe seems so lovely and i'd love to be apart of it ;v; of course if i am allowed to make one would you like to see it? :iconshyblushplz:
Yamio's avatar
Awww thank you!! ///V///
No sorry ;;; But I´ll open MYO slots in the future! ♥
I´ll focus even more on Annies now this summer! <3333
It´s hard to manage everything huff huff
YemarianaUchiha's avatar
i understand i know how you feel ;v;
Keep up the great work ;v; <33333 your art style is so cute, and it's given the motivation to finally go back and try to work on my chibis ;A; im so used to doing comic/realistic ;/////; cant wait to see those MYO slots and more about the Annie lore!
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I really like the lore you created! It's really well-made and the story is interesting as well~ 
You would be a really good RP group maker if you had the time, just saying :3
Yamio's avatar
Thank you so much! //V/// So glad you like it! I have so much more lore for them but I´ll hold it back for now due to future plans ehehe ♥ /////
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you're welcome~ and good luck c: 
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Omg this is so amazing and truth-telling
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