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The small gems at the bottom of her Marigold decorations are magical containers.

Annies have strong capabilities for magic.

As a significant part of their life, it is of grand importance they have a properly functional core.

But what is a core, and how does it work?


The Core has gone by many names from one generation to the next, such as chakra and chi. Each Annie, human and living thing possesses a core. The core is a non-physical container inside of one's body. It is a manifested force of magic that slowly grows with you, as you expand in either mind, form, or knowledge.

Some are born with a big core, some with a smaller one, being able to store more or less magic within oneself than others. The size of one's core can also be seen as natural talent to withhold magic.

However, the amount of blessings will also bring with them their cores from their past life, sometimes enlarging one's core tremendously if a good connection is made.

A core has its limits though. Just like runners need to be in great condition to sprint long lengths, Annies need a big Core to wield lots of magic. If they use too much, more than what they hold, they will overexert themselves, pass out, and damage their health. Rest would be needed to slowly regain back the magic that was lost.

But if limits keep getting pushed, within healthy margins, their core will expand, being capable of withholding more magic each time it refills.


To use the magic within one's core they need to have a great focus and knowledge on how the world, their body, and their blessings work. Biology, chemistry, physics and the like are of great importance.

However, sometimes an Annie can gain more knowledge and abilities than they are able to handle on their own. Their core might grow slow or has reached what it is seems to be its limit.

That's where magical containers come in.

Crystals on her hat, horns, body, as well as her weapon, makes her a powerful magic wielder.

Almost anything can be a magical container. But ideally, crystals, gems, and weapons serve the purpose best, being able to withhold lots of concentrated magic into their small frames. The higher quality gem or crystal, the more magic it can contain. Ideally, one would want the smallest size possible out of a container but also with a greater capacity, making it easier to carry more power around.

To use a container, one needs to make a contract with it. The contract can be rejected depending on how much magical ability the contractor possesses. Higher quality or rarity of a container makes it harder to form a contract with. Contracts can also be made forcefully, though that is never recommended as the flow of magic would be disturbed.

When one feels there is little space for growth left within them, they would store most of their magic into their container. This leaves lots of space empty in their core. Just like air in the lungs, the core will naturally refill itself with magic. This gives the living being two sources to use for their magic. Two Cores, twice the amount of magic from before. As the individual keeps growing, and gets a hold of better materials, they would infuse their magic from their core into said items, refill and become more powerful.

Expanding the magic held in a container is highly advanced magic and virtually impossible. Due to this, living magic containers exist. The core of the living being is used through a contract between the being and the wielder. Some of these contracts can be exploited, sadly. Completely draining the core of the living person results in their death, but if the living person died, the remaining magic returns to the wielder.

Using their weapons would be like having expanded lungs, the magic will end after a while but will refill itself with rest. If the user exceeds their limit, it can cause critical damage to their mind and body.

However, if a container somehow breaks, all the magic stored within it will return back to its original core. If one's original Core is already full, this will overflow the Annie and make them burst from the inside, causing their death.

More About Magic Here:

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cool I love this
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Ahhh thank you! ♥
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Ohh OwO that last part is truly intriguing for a possible storyline! Very excited to make use of this wonderful information! Thank you for taking the time to type it out! 
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Of course of course! (//_//)
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Ah Finally! I have been so excited to see this! Good to have the reference when writing stories and to link to people when they have questions!
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Makes me happy to hear! ♥
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