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EDIT3: THIS POST IS NOW OUTDATED ♥ I will no longer answer questions on this post.

EDIT2: GUUUUYS, PLEEEEEEEASE read through the other comments. I´m 99% sure that your question has been asked AND ANSWERED before. :iconsobbplz: 
EDIT: Not EVERYONE has been given this future yet it seems.
It can take up to 14 days for your money to end up in paypal.

I don´t know if many people know about this or even how to do it..~♥

How to take point commissions and still earn REAL FRESH MONEY! :iconkissinguplz:

What you need:

Be a Premium Member BETA TESTER
Have a Paypal

That easy!  :iconba-kyunplz:

However if you are going to do this dA takes a part of the money you earn. Around 20 Points on Every 80 points [I think]
Which makes you earn only 60 points even if you sell for 80.
That´s why I suggest you think that 1 Dollar = 100 points
Instead of 80, that way you won´t lose anything on it. *w* ~

How to do it!

You need to upload your picture to


Then Click on the Uploaded picture in your
It should look something like this.


Then you click on the select CATEGORY
It is above the description

Then you should end up HERE



Until you come to THIS


Here you see down to the left "Generate earnings"
And beneath "Sell downloads as premium content"


And it will look like this!
Here you decide how much to sell your picture for.
As I said dA "takes" 20 points/ 0.20 $ so I suggest to think that 1 $= 100 :points:

If you are selling a piece that is a commission for example I suggest that you crop the picture to the extreme or something until the person has Bought it!
OR make a picture beforehand that says "PAY FOR COMMISSIONS HERE"
You can always change how much it should cost, so you can change it for every commissioner :iconhontoplz:

That way the Da points come to use again for real purpose!
You cannot withdraw your money to PayPal until you have earned at least 5 $

How do I see my earnings?



You go to this box. And down to the right you can see "MY EARNINGS"
Click there!

AND.......... VOILA!


I just figured this out as well, I hope I haven´t taken anything wrong or explained it wrong!
If so please correct me!

A-and I´m not good with HTML stuff, so sorry if the pictures are small TAT ~♥

HAVE A LOVELY DAY :iconmahfeelzplz:

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Magical-wings06Student Digital Artist
As for exemple, I've earned 2$ with content premium, can I convert what I've earned into point ?
G00AX's avatar
G00AXHobbyist Digital Artist
how can i change point $ .... 
LightDelablue's avatar
why host the picture in a other platform? no one can see the picture in the tutorial.
Yamio's avatar
YamioProfessional Digital Artist
I made this over 8 years ago and everyone used Photobucket back then ♥
A lot have changed since then so the methods are not even the same anymore I believe. ^v^);;;
LightDelablue's avatar
oh i dont see the date X3 honestly i think is not possible anymore ^^"
Yamio's avatar
YamioProfessional Digital Artist
I still convert points to real money but through the "commission widget"! 
So ppl can commission you for points and you turn it to real currency!
But with Eclipse coming I do not know how much that will change ♥

And yuh probably haha (///)
No worries about it! ♥
LightDelablue's avatar
oki doki ^^ thanks for the reply ^^
Gege16's avatar
Gege16Hobbyist General Artist
Goddam! I just made the conversion and realized that dA points worth more than my country's currency😰😵. Is kinda scary lol.
I was not sure of for what are the points used  and i just have gotten a few by llama trades...
Miyuki-Tsukiyono's avatar
sorry but I not can see your pics ^^; 
AwkwardOakley's avatar
AwkwardOakleyHobbyist Digital Artist
the add category button or whatever isn't there??
PrincessYuji's avatar
PrincessYujiStudent Digital Artist
wait so i have to pay to get money if so thats stupid
k-i-k-i-a's avatar
k-i-k-i-aHobbyist General Artist
Do you need a card for your paypal account to get the money? 
xskiball's avatar
xskiballHobbyist Digital Artist
i made a paypal account with just my email, no card
k-i-k-i-a's avatar
k-i-k-i-aHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, but for transferring money you need a card
Florasensi's avatar
FlorasensiHobbyist Digital Artist
Do we have to attach our card to the PayPal account in order to transfer our earnings? 
k-i-k-i-a's avatar
k-i-k-i-aHobbyist General Artist
No, but you can to make it more secure
andyartsies's avatar
andyartsiesHobbyist General Artist
possibly, since Paypal requires you to verify that you're a legit U.S. citizen to use most of the online services or buying things online.
I remember using Ko-fi but I couldn't receive the money because I wasn't verified.
k-i-k-i-a's avatar
k-i-k-i-aHobbyist General Artist
I see, thank you
nifty-boi's avatar
nifty-boiHobbyist Digital Artist
Does your PayPal account need to be verified in order to accept the transfer of points? My account isn't verified and I don't want the points to go to waste D:
Yamio's avatar
YamioProfessional Digital Artist
It does not need to be verified, from my knowledge. ♥
KennyMcSpice's avatar
KennyMcSpiceHobbyist General Artist
People are saying that without a bank account attached to their paypal that the money REFUSES to send over. I'm kinda pissed bc deviantart didn't tell me that when I was setting it up and now i have about 20$ that i probably cant even use when it clears tomorrow.
nifty-boi's avatar
nifty-boiHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much!! for the tutorial and the reply <3
Raito-Neko's avatar
in my country paypal isn't active (Turkey) can't i translate point to Money?
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Suzuki-ChannHobbyist Digital Artist

bir yöntem buldun mu uzun süredir araştırıyorum ama öğrenemedim

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