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Anniverse Discord

Please make sure to read all channel rules and descriptions carefully!
We hope you enjoy your time here~
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You do not need to own an Annie to join our discord!


The Anniverse has an ever growing community and we all tend to hang out on our Discord to bring those interested in Annies together. A strong Community bond is what we all are striving for!  

We chat, talk, show art & even host mini events!

If you want to stay connected with the Anniverse's upcoming events, Annies, and community join our Discord for quick updates & announcements ♥

Announcements Include:

♥ New Release of Annies
♥ Streamers
♥ Annie Petal (AP) Bank Opening/Closure
♥ New Annies up for Trade/Resell
♥ Art sneak peaks.
♥ Events
♥ Discussion of Blessings & More!


Come join here:

We make sure to see if you've read the rules! 
So make sure you've read them properly!

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On Discord there are a variety of different mods online to help with all your needs!

Creator: Yamio of course. She's very busy but will answer back when she can. Don't be afraid to poke her!

Soldier: These are the official mods that moderate directly under Yamio, if you have a question you should ask them before going to her. However, they all have their own specialities, so make sure to check these under their names ~!

 Squires: They are prospective mods. These tend to be mods who have newly joined our team, they will be promoted to soldier if they pass the trial! Feel free to contact them for anything pertaining to their roles ~!

Community Manager(s): They help out on our discord server in general to keep order within the group. If you have questions or concerns about topics in the group or with other members please Direct Message (DM) them.

Lore Overseer(s): If you have questions about the Anniverse lore then they are the people to go to as they know the lore the best & if they're unsure about something they will discuss it with the Creator. So ask away!

dA Group: We are mainly on the Anniverse Group so if you have questions about the group please ask us!

Coder(s): We are the background mods that work on special coding for dA Journals, Anniverse group in general  & role management so if you're having problems with any of the listed please let us know!

 Proofreader(s): We mainly work on the staff end of things, but if you would like any help with proofreading a document that will be pitched to Yamio then do not hesitate to tag us! 

 Bot Coder(s): We focus on making sure that the in-server bots are running smoothly, if you notice an issue on the discord with one of them then please let us know!

 AP Bank Manager(s): We are in charge of the AP Bank if you have any questions or issues with the bank, you can tag us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

There are also the Anniverse Artists & AP Shop holders that work on banners, aesthetics and AP Shop releases respectively. 


We build up the world together and have a lot of fun!

As you are active in our server, you will gain points that will allow you a chance to gain a Common or Uncommon MYO! More information can be found here!

We can't wait to see you join us! ♥

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New to Discord?

Check out more information about our discord and the workings of it here

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© 2018 - 2023 Yamio
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Hi! I really want to join the discord but I also getting the invalid invite message ;;;;