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to the

Anniverse Discord

Please make sure to read all channel rules and descriptions carefully!
We hope you enjoy your time here~
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You do not need to own an Annie to join our discord!


The Anniverse has an ever growing community and we all tend to hang out on our Discord to bring those interested in Annies together. A strong Community bond is what we all are striving for!  

We chat, talk, show art & even host mini events!

If you want to stay connected with the Anniverse's upcoming events, Annies, and community join our Discord for quick updates & announcements ♥

Announcements Include:

♥ New Release of Annies
♥ Streamers
♥ Annie Petal (AP) Bank Opening/Closure
♥ New Annies up for Trade/Resell
♥ Art sneak peaks.
♥ Events
♥ Discussion of Blessings & More!


Come join here:

We make sure to see if you've read the rules! 
So make sure you've read them properly!

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On Discord there are a variety of different mods online to help with all your needs!

Creator: Yamio of course. She's very busy but will answer back when she can. Don't be afraid to poke her!

Soldier: These are the official mods that moderate directly under Yamio, if you have a question you should ask them before going to her. However, they all have their own specialities, so make sure to check these under their names ~!

 Squires: They are prospective mods. These tend to be mods who have newly joined our team, they will be promoted to soldier if they pass the trial! Feel free to contact them for anything pertaining to their roles ~!

Community Manager(s): They help out on our discord server in general to keep order within the group. If you have questions or concerns about topics in the group or with other members please Direct Message (DM) them.

Lore Overseer(s): If you have questions about the Anniverse lore then they are the people to go to as they know the lore the best & if they're unsure about something they will discuss it with the Creator. So ask away!

dA Group: We are mainly on the Anniverse Group so if you have questions about the group please ask us!

Coder(s): We are the background mods that work on special coding for dA Journals, Anniverse group in general  & role management so if you're having problems with any of the listed please let us know!

 Proofreader(s): We mainly work on the staff end of things, but if you would like any help with proofreading a document that will be pitched to Yamio then do not hesitate to tag us! 

 Bot Coder(s): We focus on making sure that the in-server bots are running smoothly, if you notice an issue on the discord with one of them then please let us know!

 AP Bank Manager(s): We are in charge of the AP Bank if you have any questions or issues with the bank, you can tag us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

There are also the Anniverse Artists & AP Shop holders that work on banners, aesthetics and AP Shop releases respectively. 


We build up the world together and have a lot of fun!

As you are active in our server, you will gain points that will allow you a chance to gain a Common or Uncommon MYO! More information can be found here!

We can't wait to see you join us! ♥

Day 21 Wooly Mammoth by Yamio

New to Discord?

Check out more information about our discord and the workings of it here

Coded by somnolent-a and softely
© 2018 - 2021 Yamio
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Hi! I really want to join the discord but I also getting the invalid invite message ;;;;

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Thanks for letting us know! The link has been fixed .:Bunny in love: 
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Hello~ pastel hearts emoji   I was trying to join the discord but I keep getting "invite invalid" error. 
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The link has been fixed! Sorry about that .:Bunny love:. 
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Hi Yami,
I had some issues with Discord so I made a new account. How can I rejoin the community? Shall I just fill out the introduction form again? ^^
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Hello Yamio! Latetly I have just discorvered about your art thanks to my friends and got quite fascinated your works and about the Annies also!! I'd love to join your Discord server as well but for some reason I can't open the invite link on and join with the others ;;0;; )

Is there something wrong with the link? Please just let me know! ;;0;; )
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[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara hi there! :heart:
we're super excited to have your interest in our community!

are you able to possibly explain what happens when you click the discord icon in the "where" section?
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Ah it's alright now, thank you so much for the reply!! I think it was because of the connection error so I couldn't have my access from the earlier! Kao Emoji-06 (Shy) [V1] 

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[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara ahh, i'm glad it's worked out! :heart:
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hello! I'm completely new to your art but so glad I found it! quick question: what are Annies?
OhMyGob's avatar
You can find all the info in her journals and things like that, it’s easier to find when you’re not on mobile.
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Long ago...when humans lived together in harmony, accompanied by the powerful yet gentle nature, there was peace. Back then, every human was blessed by the spirits.
As long as they kept respecting the spirits and acted as guardians for their respective benefactor, harmony would remain. Disrespecting the spirits was an act of sin and no human could imagine what would happen if they actually did..

But the times changed, humans grew bigger in numbers, nature was tormenting humans, to keep the population at bay. Some humans started to feel betrayed by their spirits, as they expected protection from the wrath of nature as long as they respected the spirits back.

Nature was in the way, humans needed to remove the trees, remove the inhabited animals to make space for their own offspring and future.

Outraged by this disrespectful act, the holy spirits put curses on the humans who had awaken their fury.

Punishment for rebelling against the spirits, was not put on the said humans themselves, but on their future offspring, so they would always have to see their mistakes growing up, bigger and more aware of their parents mistake, every single day.

It was the cruelest thing that could happen for a human. Abandonment by the spirits and their blessings, seeing their future children grow up with less strength, magic and to have the label of a sinner made the humans not only isolate themselves in shame, but being shunned away by the previous blessed humans.

As the humans who kept working in harmony with their spirits did not want to be associated with the traitors of nature, they no longer wanted to be seen as a regular human anymore.

And the humans who desperately tried to rise from shame, stand for their actions and still be prideful for being them, did not want to be associated with the judging blessed humans who did not want to understand reason.

"Spirit humans" and "Blessed humans" sounded too kind and regal, the term "Animal humans" then came to rise to put the humans blessed by the spirits down.

But instead of being insulted from the regular humans attempt to put them down, they bowed down and replied with;

"Yes, we are humans, blessed by the spirits such as animals, plants and all living things. We are the ones who respect our nature. We are now to be called animal humans, with respect for our ancestors we see no shame.
We are Annies."
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ahh thank you very much!
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AAA I really wanna join but I dont have an annie.. Im interested in them though!
can I still join?
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Hi <3 ! You don't need to have an Annie to join the discord so feel free to join us <333 just remember to write out an intro ^~^ we can't wait to see you there c: !
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oh alright! I will def join then~!
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You don't have to own an annie to join! We talk about a variety of things on here so feel free to join when you're able to xD
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i see thank you for responding ! <3
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It was too frustrating to get my intro formated right so I left >:C
Koimonsters-khaos's avatar
When I hit enter it, it submits the comment when I want to space it out more. I'll try again in the future.
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if that's the case if you wanted a space in between each sentence you would have to hold Shift + Enter and it'll make a break ^v^

We'll be here waiting if you decide to join again!
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