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There are many different kinds of Annies in Anniverse.
Some of them are more rare than the others!
To make it easier, here is a small chart to explain the different rarities!


The more blessings, the more rare.

Common | 1 blessing
Uncommon | 2 blessings
Super Rare | 3 blessings
Mythical | 4 blessings

Blessing Status

Status of Blessing

Common | Not endangered
Uncommon | Endangered
Super Rare | Extinct
Mythical | Mythical creatures


Type of Eye Pupil

Common | Round pupils
Uncommon | Shaped pupils
Super Rare | Glowing pupils
Mythical | Animated pupils

More About Blessings Here:

Visual Species Sheet

Annies species sheet by Yamio

* Take note that there can be many different combinations of traits in eyes.
Some can have round pupils that are glowing;
which would make them Common (shape) and Super Rare (glow).

Mythical blessing status' include made up plants and fantasy animals,
such as Unicorns and Dragons etc.

Currently, Roses and Immortal Jellyfish are NOT allowed to be used as blessings for Annies.*

Coded by somnolent-a and softely
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I was wondering if having an Annie with a mermaid/fish tail was considered Mythical for having an “otherworldly creature blessing” (even if it’s just based on a fish, like a beta or koi), or if it would be considered Common if the fish it’s based on isn’t endangered—and that having a mermaid/fish tail doesn’t matter to the rarity.

I’m just asking because I saw an Annie with a fish tail in the Annie Market (unless I looked at it wrong?) and I thought that it would be pretty to get a MYO slot in the future and make it a merAnnie if that’s possible ;v;
somnolent-a's avatar
Sorry for the delay! Having a fish tail does not affect the rarity! All rarities can have fish tails~ So if a common Annie was blessed by a koi fish and also had a fish tail, it would still be considered a common. Hope this helps! 2018YupiANanEmote001 by YupiANan
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That’s very good to know!! Helps me a lot with my dream design!! Can’t wait until I’m able to get a slot!
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Can a Annie blessed by an animal have animal features like horns, fur, animal like limbs ect?
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They can have the features their Blessing has. ♥
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Uwah! I want to know whats for the mythical! *squeak noise* [Zacharie icon - F2U] I'm So Curious!
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There's two mythical Annies right now~……

They're both sooooo pretty!!! <3
But I think they only have super rare eye shapes... Can't wait to see what mythical eyes look like!!!
Yamio's avatar
Ehehehe ///_/// ♥
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What are MYO tickets?// 
i would love to be a part of the Anniverse!!Mako Star Eyes 
Yamio's avatar
It means "Make your own" ♥ 
aquamarinesans's avatar
how do I get one?
Yamio's avatar
You have to buy one or purchase a MYO ticket! ♥
aquamarinesans's avatar
how do I buy a MYO ticket?
Yamio's avatar
You have to wait until I open them up!
I´ll announce through the group and my dA! ♥
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This seems really cool!
and I like the idea of having eyes move like water in the colour o.o
But maybe instead of that since its hard to show, maybe you could do a few colors mixed together like it was used with watercolor? use like a watercolor brush or something maybe? I think it could be cool if you mixed some colors together with a watercolor brush?
And OML I really like this species! It seems so cute and detailed, I think you will find success with this species >////<

Yamioo~senpai ... I <3 youuuu
Yamio's avatar
EEP thankies so much! ///V///
Yuuuh ahhh I wish I could make High quality GIF´s etc ahaha ///_///;;
I was thinking something like that too, but my eye colouring style already is very colourful with different colours that can tend to look water like!
We´ll see how things progress! ♥

Thank you so much! This species is so precious to me so I get so happy when I hear that ahhh //////
*throws love over you back* 
Meribear's avatar
My pleasure! :D
Oml yeah high quality GIF's are hard o.o, If you ever need help with animating I can help? Ive been working on animation the last few months o.o
Yeah I agree! your eye styles are already colorful and they do tend to look water like ovo...
I look forward to it! :D

OML *hugs you*
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I was thinking for mystical status for eye pupils having like heterochromic eyes where either a different blessing represents each eye (so flower in one, fruit on the other) or where only a single eye shows a blessing and the other is regular
Yamio's avatar
Ooooh that sounds so cool!
Yes maybe something like that! I was thinking to have eyes that moves like water in the colour but it can be hard to show on a still picture.
Which is why I put the "????" ♥
For now The Mythical eyes will be unknown ehehe <3333
Wolf-princess26's avatar
Oh man excited to see what you do, also I remember in your stream you weren't totally sure so I just had ideas popping in my head.

The moving eyes do sound really cool, however it wouldn't show as well unless it was a gif or something. Glad to give you some ideas^^
Yamio's avatar
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