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General Information

♥ Use CTRL + F to search for your Annie.
(Blessing Name or Owner Name)

♥ If you trade / sell / gift your Annie away and it has a new owner,
both old and new owners MUST confirm on this journal to update.

♥ If co-owning, both owners must pay for the Annie.
No more than 2 people can co-own.

♥ Please tell us if you have a new account and confirm with your old one.

♥ Only approved Annies & MYO Annies will be listed.
(DM Yamio on Discord - Wait for Approval - Submit to Anniverse - Comment below)

♥ For MYOs and CUSTOMs, include a full transparent file for your Annie.
(You may DM the file to a mod if you prefer)

♥ Have your Annie's reference link fully posted.
(If placed in a stash, DO NOT DELETE that stash.)
If you do, please inform our mods so the link may be updated or changed.

Annie Count: 858

Common: 483 | Uncommon: 235 | Super Rare: 123 | Mythical: 19

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Masterlist Form:

Scientific Name (optional):
Town: (type TBA if none yet)
Annie Reference Link: (thumbnails are allowed)

* Please use the Bold formatting provided so the form is easier to read! *

© 2016 - 2020 Yamio
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Gifting one of my C MYOs to ViPOP <33

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also confirming !

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Name: Basil Cavell

Blessing(s): 3

Scientific Name (optional): Golf Ball Cactus | Ring-tailed cat | New Zealand rabbit

Rarity: Super Rare

Town: TBD

Owner(s): flyingwaysofducks | Thalea

Designer(s): bitter--coffee

Annie Reference Link:

Adorannie 2020 | Day 5|2
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Registering my new babs!<3

Name: Mel

Blessing(s): Feather Cactus

Scientific Name (optional): Mammillaria plumosa

Rarity: Common

Town: Astreea

Owner(s): Me

Designer(s): Squishibear

Annie Reference Link:

Adorannie 2020 | Day 1|1

Name: Alaric

Blessing(s): Cuphea Ilavea

Scientific Name (optional): Cuphea Ilavea

Rarity: Common

Town: Skyatt

Owner(s): Me

Designer(s): TysunamiWolf / Kanekiru

Annie Reference Link:

Hallowannie 2020 | Day 3|2

Co-owning this boyo with Marichiiko! Pinging for conformation!<3

Name: Astra

Blessing(s): Ice Pigeon

Scientific Name (optional): Columba livia

Rarity: Common

Town: Laoluzia

Owner(s): Me / Marichiiko

Designer(s): shirotorizawa / Hosha-Usagi

Annie Reference Link:

White Days 2019 2|1
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Confirming! <3

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me and GlitterBobOMB have resold our ownership to 121GWJolt

Hallowannie 2019 | Day 6|1
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Confirmed! Will be keeping her name the same for the moment!

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this annie


got an upgrade [already got the approve from yami]

Name: Blessing(s): Vampire bat | Blue coral snake

Scientific Name (optional): Desmodontinae | Calliophis bivirgata

Rarity: Uncommon

Town: Verletzen

Owner: Shiroinya

Designers: Shiroinya and Yunamishi

Annie Reference Link:

Uncommon Eliza
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The journal is currently full so unfortunately she can't be added right now, but we're working on a solution to this! We're figuring out how to work with this with eclipse making journal making difficult! Thank you for your patience! <3

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thank you for letting me know!

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I have resold this annie to kittengeist ~!

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I'm not sure how to do upgrades on here so please let me know if I did anything wrong.

Rarity upgrade for my Annie here

Day 4 Garter Snake

Name: Blessing(s): Garter snake and red-bellied black snake

Scientific Name (optional):

Rarity: Uncommon

Town: NA

Owner: BlueSketchingWalrus

Designer: Pemiin

Annie Reference Link:

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Yes that's perfect, no worries! The only thing I need is the stash link for your redesign, so we can link back to it! DeviantArt often changes the link to a thumbnail!

.:Bunny in love:

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Oh okay perfect! Please let me know if the works. I’m currently on mobile
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Sorry for the late reply! Yes, that works!! >v<

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