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General Information

♥ Use CTRL + F to search for your Annie.
(Blessing Name or Owner Name)

♥ If you trade / sell / gift your Annie away and it has a new owner,
both old and new owners MUST confirm on this journal to update.

♥ If co-owning, both owners must pay for the Annie.
No more than 2 people can co-own.

♥ Please tell us if you have a new account and confirm with your old one.

♥ Only approved Annies & MYO Annies will be listed.
(DM Yamio on Discord - Wait for Approval - Submit to Anniverse - Comment below)

♥ For MYOs and CUSTOMs, include a full transparent file for your Annie.
(You may DM the file to a mod if you prefer)

♥ Have your Annie's reference link fully posted.
(If placed in a stash, DO NOT DELETE that stash.)
If you do, please inform our mods so the link may be updated or changed.

♥ Please comment here if you have an updated reference of your annie.

Annie Count: 1015

Common: 566 | Uncommon: 277 | Super Rare: 149 | Mythical: 19

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Masterlist Form for New Annies:

Scientific Name (optional):
Gender: Male/Female/Other
Town: (type TBA if none yet)
Designer(s): (please don't tag)
Annie Reference Link: (thumbnails are allowed)

* Please use the Bold formatting provided so the form is easier to read! *

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My Common MYO exp May 1st 2022 has been traded to @hatsukibambi <3

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inavacl's avatar

confirm sold Common MYO to @MrCaff

MrCaff's avatar

Comfirmed bought :) Thank you✨

MeowFeaow's avatar

Resold this boy to @Kiinsy

Pinging for confirmation!

Kiinsy's avatar

confirming ty <3

MeowFeaow's avatar

Also, could I have this boyo moved into Luminoire?:

MizumiHisui's avatar

Confirming! tysm 💕💕💕

Milavana's avatar

Updated! <3

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Milavana's avatar

Updated! <3

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Resold my co own of this baby to @Yamio ! She will be co owning her with @Milavana <3

Milavana's avatar

Confirmed & updated!

Yamio's avatar

Confirmed!! ♥

Milavana's avatar

Updated! <3

just-a-melon's avatar

My myo was approved!

Name: Raeni Blessing(s): Coconut Palm (Cocos Nucifera)

Rarity: Common Gender: female Town: Shelldon Owner(s): @just-a-melon Designers: @just-a-melon Annie Reference Link:

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Added! But can you please send us the stash link of your Annie? >v<

just-a-melon's avatar

AHH so sorry! I was on mobile and having some trouble.

Coconut Annie: Commom 02002ai0g6yxdkk (remove spaces)

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