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By popular request, here is the Annie Guest Designer Application journal!
Please read our guidelines and fill in the forms provided
if you wish to be a GD (Guest Designer) for Anniverse

For this journal, only applications for Annie designs will be considered.
If you are interested in applying to design for creatures in the Anniverse, another journal will be created in the future.

We also have a new category called Seasoned Guest Designers!

General Rules

Do not apply without reading through the Anniverse ToS.
♥ If you become a GD, you will be sent the ToS through a note to agree to.
First time GD fee is 20%. After that, it will be 15%.
(e.g. You keep 80% the first time, 85% the second time and so on)
♥ All designs will have to go through a revision by me, Yamio
♥ I only take one, maximum two new GDs each event.
Less experienced GDs will be assigned to collabs with other GDs.
♥ Be nice, co-operative and helpful.
♥ You must use Discord for communication.
♥ Posting an application here it does not mean you will be accepted right away. It is simply to show the fact that you are interested and aware of the general rules.
♥ You can update your application at any time and any day, for it to be up to date with your current skill.

* If you do not agree to this, do not apply. You are responsible for your own decision. *

Application Rules

♥ Show your design skills. They can be from commissions, personal arts or others. I want to see your design capability.
♥ Show your chibi skills. All Annies are currently in chibi form to be cohorrent with one another. Show me a chibi style you would use to design on.
♥ Show me a fully rendered Chibi/Fullbody, in the type of render you can imagine doing for Annie designs.
♥ Make sure you have read through the Anniverse Terms of Service. State that you accept, understand and take responsibility to show you are aware of what you are agreeing to.


♥ Your current skill level must match the current GDs.
    Slightly below, the same or above.
♥ Have self insight about your skill level and be humble.
♥ Annies have specific lore, clothing styles and a fashion sense you must adapt to.
♥ Do not get mad if you do not get contacted.
♥ I usually only assign a maximum of 2 new GDs per event.
♥ Due to this, it can take some months before I contact you, so do not be discouraged!
♥ In before each event, I will look through this journal and the applications.
♥ If you are accepted, you will get a separate journal for that specific event with more in depth information.

Past, Current & Future Guest Designers

*in alphabetical order*


Coded by somnolent-a and softely
© 2019 - 2021 Yamio
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Machi-Mile's avatar

giving this a try /// I have read and agree to the tos!

My design samples (more samples in: Folio - machi-mile's

Moonlit Event| Day 7 [ OPEN ]
Custom annie for Rollingpoly
[CM] Terrabyte
Aokanio's avatar

updating my application bc i can 👍🏻 i agree to the tos and read it

[Open Auction] Lady
[Closed] Bones
[Closed] 02182021
[Closed] Pastel Bunny + Alicorn
Animeweeb112's avatar

I'm updating my application again >.< I have read and agree to the T.O.S and i will continue to update this with my art as I improve

my Chibi/ design examples

Nerine (Entry for Skfuu's chibi contest)
Ryoko (OC)
Nadeshiko (Annie)
akis-adopts's avatar

I agree to the T.O.S. <3

Aterius Tanabata GA
Open. Royal Blue [ GA Korudo Adopt ]
Closed. Pyrebite [ GA Chandelie Adopt ]
Closed. Wizard of Easter [ GA Chandelie Adopt ]
TaNa-Jo's avatar

i was part of the GACHAGOOP admin team I would like to be able to draw and sell them again as GA ... in the past I was an admin there :3

CLOSED Foam Queen Gachagoop
CLOSED Candy Corn Halloween Gachagoop
[CLOSED] Melondrop Gachagoop
[CLOSED] Cacti Bloom Gachagoop
Autumn Gachagoop Custom for dopperugengaa
OPEN AUCTION Poison Trio Jellocats
Yamio's avatar

Hello!!! ADORE these AHHH!!! I will open a specific GG Guest application journal in the future, but thank you for showing us! ♥

TaNa-Jo's avatar

can you reply to me then again maybe? Otherwhise I think I will never know about it xDD

LiennSuongg's avatar

Thanks for the opportunity!

I’ve read and agree to the TOS. Here are samples of my designs and artwork:

LazeeB's avatar

Thank you very much for the opportunity <33

I’ve read and agree to the TOS!

Here are samples of my designs and artwork :>

Vtuber custom outfit design commission
[Com] Custom outfit design
[COM] Custom outfit for Lamb
[COM] Tobiyeti
Chibi card commission
[Com] Chibi
[Adoptable Aution] 01 [Closed]
Chibi commission
flipchers's avatar

thank you for the opportunity!

I've read and agree to the TOS

[ closed ] adopt auction
[ closed ] adopt auction
[ pending ] adopt auction
[ closed ] adopt auction
[ closed ] adopt set price
[ pending ] adopt set price
azubull's avatar

Thank you so much for the opportunity <33

I've read and agree to the TOS.

Here're some of my designs

[closed] adopt auction #07
[closed] adopt auction #08
Adopt auction #5a [closed]
Adopt auction [closed]
Adopt auction #5b [closed]
zakilin's avatar

Thank you very much for the opportunity!

I've read and agreed to TOS !

05102021  Adoptable auction [Close] | AB Added
05232021 Adoptable auction [Close]
07082021 Adoptable auction [Close]
kkromao's avatar

thank you for the opportunity,,, i've read and agreed to the TOS.

designs samples (rendering will be like the first sample)

[ab added] FMN GA: Severed String
[CLOSED TY] Wallflora GA: Enchanting Fragrance
[OPEN] Fragilius GA: Caged Love
[CLOSED TY] Wallflora GA: Somnium Lucet
[CLOSED TY] Fragilius GA: Jack Rose

chibi sample

[auction 1/3 OPEN] void hybrid batch
kkromao's avatar

updating chibi example

Wallflora GA: Spring's Blessing
Ackerly's avatar

Thank you very much for the opportunity!

I've read and agreed to TOS ^^

Character design

Adoptable #10 Crystal Lily | Auction [CLOSED TY!]
Adoptable #16 Blue Zinnia | Auction [CLOSED TY!]
Adoptable #11 White Clover | Auction [CLOSED TY!]

Current chibi render

Commission | crimsonqueen97
Yingrutai's avatar

Thank you so very much for the opportunity >< I'd love to apply for guest designer!

I've read and agreed to TOS.

Here's some of my character designs.

Xianxia Style Custom for Guoxinghe
Xianxia Style Custom for Sumner

And here's how I render the chibi ><

[close] Draconier 05 - Maule Quince
[closed] Draconier 02 - Chamomile Mint
[closed] Draconier 03 - Baby Blue Eyes

Thank you so much again!

Goobieroo's avatar

Hello! I'm excited and flattered to have the possible opportunity to be a GD for you guys! TYSM for looking!

I've read and agreed to the ToS and understand the consequences if broken.♥

Here are some examples that I have done:

This would be more my rendered style:


(Also my most recent work/not chibis that I would render them similarly to)

Some other chibi/ semi-chibi examples:

Ichirozu's avatar

Hi hi! I am very honoured for the opportunity ><!!

Here are some of my design examples- along with my chibi skills and all! ;w;

Ive also read and agreed to the ToS!

Again, Thank you so much!

[Custom commissions]
[ADOPTABLE] Snowy Tiger-wolf hybrid / CLOSED
Adoptable | Sparks fly - AUCTION OPEN
[Adoptable] Kemonomimi - auction (OPEN)
Shion !
Nuku-Niku's avatar

Hello, I've read & agreed with the 'Terms of Service - Annies'. I understand the consiqueses if I break the rules.

These are some example of guest artist art works that I've joined before. I'll go with the taller chibi style first since they're perfect for adding more details.

[CLOSED] : Auction : GA Diabun by NukuNiku
[Closed] : Auction Sprinkle Kitty GA Nuku-Niku
GA : constellangels : Scarred Sculptor
[ guest fragilius ] Oxen Year | Closed
GA : Solinox Bleeding Hearts
polariese's avatar

greetings! ;;//;; I have read and agreed to the ToS

I'm very honoured for the opportunity!

[ easter petit treats ] Strawberry Creme | closed
[ easter petit treats ] Artisan's Egg | closed
closed. December Calendar - dec. 10th
Nagiyesu's avatar

hii ! <3 l´m interested in joining the Guest Designers. l´ve read and agreed the ToS ♥

Here´s some of my art and designs, more at my gallery >< thank you

Happy Birthday Nagi | Sweet
Summer|my oc namine

Designs and more:

Autumn Udroid Day 1 | 5 Lotus
Morsq's avatar

Hii! I would love to reapply and i have read and agree to the Terms of service !

Here is the example for my des :

[CLOSED] Ashuri GA
Fragilius - Love and Lace 8th

You can find more here !

Thank you for the opportunity!

Sumiiya's avatar

Hello !! I am reapplying!! I have read and agreed to the TOS. Thank you so much for the consideration!!

Chibi and Design Examples (All except 2nd are my designs!) :

Neyuse's avatar

Hi! I have followed the species for so long, hope to one day participate on it!

I have read and agreed to the T.O.S!

semi-chibi samples

Daeles 13
Daeles 12

other finished designs with same redering

Fleuros GA adopt
Auction - Daeles 10 (CLOSED)
Auction - Daeles 05 (CLOSED)
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