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White days 2020 2|2


White Days Banner by AnniverseStash

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Day 2|2

Galah by AnniverseStash

Blessing Name: Galah (Eolophus roseicapilla)
How Many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common, Round

Description of Blessings and Annie: 

Galah's are a type of cockatoo that are known for their distinctive pink,
and grey plumage, their bold and loud behavior
making them a common sight in places they're endemic to.

They are playful, hyperactive cockatoos, and are often found in big groups,
in the middle of green fields, with said green fields becoming their home,
while the forests are an unknown biome to them.

Be sure to spend lots of time with this darling bird! 
Being ignored by flock-mates, adopted or not,
is not taken kindly as they thrive in affection,
 and lots of time with their companions. 

Optional Personality:

A standoffish bird with a very much standoffish expression to match.
He's prickly to most people due to past experiences that left him unable to trust easily, 
straying away from groups he used to naturally gravitate to,
and keeping to himself for the most part. His arrogant front,
has driven most Annies away from him, 
as he refused to shed the spikes he came to grow,
around his heart, looking at everyone in disdain...
and perhaps with a bit of jealousy.

Internally, he just wants to have someone he can trust again. 
Make him feel that it's safe enough to lower his walls once more,
and take a chance at reaching out a hand for another to pull him out of his funk.
He's rather socially awkward once he pulls down his face of arrogance, but he swears he's doing his best.

Hesitantly, he reveals a bouquet of flowers from behind his back,
and pushes them against your chest.
"..Ugh. Just take it."
Don't break his trust, alright?

SB: 180$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 400$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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helloghostyx's avatar
I love this so much

Me encanta, eres muy buena en lo que haces!!

mino-erika's avatar
PUNK ROCK BOY, I simply love this design and it's also one of my favorites this event, from the pink colour palette with hints of black and white to the tattoo on his arm, he's so edgy looking despite having pink in his palette, which is something I simply adore! THE LITTLE BIRD FRIEND TOO ahhh it's so cute TvT ! Great job Shrio!
Berryzem's avatar
Awwwh I didn't even notice the bird companion at first. That's so cute! The pinks are so lovely >///////<. I like the wisp of his hair to the right, too! He's such a tall Annie too, wow! The tassels on his pants are an unexpectedly neat detail as well. Great job, Shrio ♥
CookieTeaa's avatar
Love how he looks so edgy despite pink being in his colour palette, it was executed so well!!! The wings also look amazing, you've done an amazing job Shrio!
Aspintacular's avatar
Omg he’s so cool!! I love his colors and his attitude! And omg that tattoo is just the best lil addition! Great job with this boyo!!
VilmaMonster's avatar

This splendid annie with cocky look is one of my favs! I love his rosy and grey colors - this combinations is one of my favorite. Elegant tattoo is a cool and natural addition to his image. I see the thorns he uses to protect his heart from being wounded again. But i believe that these thorns belong to roses. Oh, i see a parrot on his shoulder. How lovely.

skfuu's avatar
OMG OMG OMG SO PINK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconfangirlzplz::iconfangirlzplz::iconfangirlzplz::iconfangirlzplz::iconfangirlzplz::iconflyingheartsplz::iconflyingheartsplz:
We really love his tsun tsun expression and the tattoo on his shoulder, it make him into a perfect boyfriend material :iconsomoeplz: //let us dream.
His hairstyle is so stylish >//////< we can't stop staring at how good the hair flow and movement, pretty :iconhontoplz:
Also, the lil cockatoo companion that he have is so cute too :love:
Poly-peptide's avatar
I can almost hear the scoff in this pose. You did so well in showing his personality and I loooove the little head wings that flow with his hair so well. 
A very handsome boyo with a much deserved AB :heart:
Pegashi12's avatar
The color combination is so lovely, love the outfit(especially that smexy shirt xD), and hehehe the way he's standing is so dramatic and really shows what his personality could be! 
Also the two longer strands of hair are YES they add some flair to the design~
awesome job!!
Meihia's avatar

His wings are just godly and shaded perfectly. His tattoo and outfit fit the tsundere vibe and OMG I love him.

The little birb on his shoulder is such a nice touch!

Great job, Shrio!~
Milavana's avatar
Such a handsome boy AA <3
I love his majestic wings and his tattoo, and the bird on his shoulder is such a nice idea too!
He looks so cool aa
Great work <3
CatWithaPenci1's avatar

This is so pretty!

cocoaisgood's avatar
Dangg this is good!
chaoticlatina's avatar
JapanZelda's avatar
Ooouh, very cute character, I like his style!
Anon371's avatar
Oooh, he's hot :)
my favorite bird species 
RedSashymi's avatar
This is amazing! I love the shape of the eyes! ;;
rce-ordinary's avatar
i really love his expression. the colors and the outfit are subtle and charming in this one.
LadyMegami's avatar
I'll admit, love his style and the colors. He's like a cute idol boy and winning all the fans hearts. Standing out without even trying. And his wings, I just wanna lean on them and feel how fluffy they are. Pink, White and Black, are the perfect colors for him. I think he's won my heart and attention. Also, I like his icon.
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