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White Days 2019 4|1

White Days Banner by AnniverseStash
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Read more about the event here! ♥

Day 4|1
White Lipped Pit Viper by AnniverseStash
Blessing names:
  White-Lipped Pit Viper (Trimeresurus albolabris)
How many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common
Description of blessings and Annie: 

The white-lipped pit viper is a venomous species commonly found in Southeast Asia. 
Typically, these vipers are green - blue vipers occur very rarely,
and have only been found in certain locations alongside green vipers.

Donning the colours of the blue white-lipped pit viper and its scaly patterns, 
this Annie wears beautiful yet durable clothing.
Optional Personality: 

Much like the blue viper, 
this Annie is elusive and full of mystery. 
Surrounding himself in wispy smoke and incense, 
he may be able to show you an illusion of your choice...for a price.

Wd7 by AnniverseStash

SB: 140$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 300$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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PaopuTree's avatar
That's a really neat design!
Yamio's avatar
Thank you so much! ///V///
Artemysterious's avatar
Absolem vibes xD so cute.
Yamio's avatar
I had forgotten that was his name!!
Haha, yes when you say it, I can see it! ♥
AJRoanoke's avatar
So, he's my favorite design... And its cuz of the hair and the blues I'm a huge sucker for blue designs. The hair though is immaculate I dont know how you came up with it but I'm stunned by his beauty.
Yamio's avatar
Ahhhh so glad you like him that much AJ! //V///
You have always been well with blue as well!!
Starli did amazing on the smoke! I'm baffled too! ♥

Thank you so much!!
mino-erika's avatar
Where do I begin with this...the last Yami and Starli collab I had seen was just so breathtaking. This collab here is the same way for me. The atmosphere that is shown with the cooler colour scheme of the character is showcased perfectly. The use of contrasting colours help bring this boy out so well. His outfit and blessing are so well showcased within the design that  it's impossible for me not to love it. All in all, this boy is my second favorite out of this event. You two did such a wonderful job <3
Yamio's avatar
Ahhh Mino!!!
So happy you like our collabs!
I love to collab with Starli as well!
She always have such unique touch on everything she makes ///V//
Thank you so so much!!!! ♥
Lovelylittlerosie's avatar
WHERE DO I BEGIN ?!!?!?  He’s just gorgeous! The overall mysterious vibe he has makes me feel dreamy- I absolutely love the atmosphere going on! It reminds me somewhat of a Chinese/Japanese sort of atmosphere, plus the mystery going on with his character! His cape is super flowy and his air and eyes remind me so well of a viper!! His blessing was resembled well by his overall design~ Hope to see more yami x starli collabs soon! Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
Yamio's avatar
So sweet ahhh so happy you like him!
And yes!! I think old magical samurai vibes,
were a bit of out inspo! and like a sneaky seller ohoho.

I hope to collab again! ///V// ♥
Lovelylittlerosie's avatar
Eeee you’re very welcome yami!! <33 
Lizzy-kaze's avatar
It's been a while since I last saw a Yami x Starli collab but both of your styles still mix so well together!
This Annie has so many unique features wich I wouldn't have imagines would look good but you honestly nailed it.
His smoke hair, eyes and skin pattern definetly give of the mysterious vibe you were going for.
The clothes and their colors look also really nice, I also love the golden snail hair accessory he has.
I'm happy he went to such a good home~
Yamio's avatar
Ahhhh yes!!!
I love to collab with Starli!
Tbh I think everyone who has collabed with her, loves it! Pff //V/// ♥
So glad you like it though!
We had a lot of fun and this one was certainly out of the box for both of us!
SakuraCiel's avatar
Woah Woah, here comes Yamio and Starlipop with a gorgeous design! His overall looks match so well the choice of his blessing! Such a cool and mysterious vibe! I love it!
Yamio's avatar
Ahhh thank you so much! ///V//
We had a lot of fun with him!! ♥
Yuyumiia's avatar
ooh mysterious snek boi~
I love all the smoke and how his hair just blend in the smoke and the small details like the snek hair tie is amazing!
Yamio's avatar
YUSH mysterious ohoho
Ahhh thank you so much!!! We did our best!!! ♥
Squishibear's avatar
Ahh this handsome sneek boy!! Look at hiiiim >//< I absolutely love the scale features on face and the costume they are so detailed and delicate ♥ 
I also love the smoke, it gives extra mystic feel to the whole design! Wouldnt expect anything else than super epic design from u two !! >//<
Yamio's avatar
Thank you so much Valy! //V// ♥ Means a lot!
We worked so hard!!! And gosh Starli is amazing at smoke!!!! So proud of her!
drawnwithlove's avatar
The colours on this boy pop so gorgeously!! He looks super mysterious yet charming ohoho. Looks like he would lure you and snatch your heart! 
I really love the swirls of smoke from his pipe, and how the same swirls also appear in his hair! I really like the little details in him, such as the snake as a hairtie and the scaley pattern on his clothes! So creative and pretty! <3 You guys did so good!!
Starlipop's avatar
Thank you Mochi~! We're really happy you like the little details we gave him ♥ 
Souless-Ghost's avatar
Love this! The colors are amazing
Starlipop's avatar
Thank you so much!
Cammiio's avatar
I can definitely tell all the hard work you two put into his design!!<3

Kanon 2006 - Nayuki Excited small heart - aqua 
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