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White Days 2019 2|2

White Days Banner by AnniverseStash
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Day 2|2
Penny's Pink Hellebore by AnniverseStash
Blessing names:
  Penny's Pink Hellebore
How many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common
Description of blessings and Annie: 

The Penny's Pink Hellbore is noted for it's unique foliage and features large bright mauve blossoms, adorned with a crown of creamy stamens.
Opening from dark purple buds, these charming and dainty beauties turn deeper pink and take on green tones as they mature.
Blooming heavily for weeks from late winter to mid spring, they rise on sturdy stems above a most attractive leathery foliage. Emerging bronzy green in spring,
the evergreen leaves display conspicious hot pink veins which gradually mature to bright emerald green, creating a lovely marbling effect that can be admired all year long.
The fact that the plant could flower so beautifully even in the depths of winter made people think that it must have special powers.  
It became a plant known for protection, and was often planted by doorways to keep evil spirits away.

White Days Calendar 2019 by AnniverseStash
♥Winner receives: flat color vers + unwatermarked vers♥

Optional Personality: 

This cheerful man calls the forests his home, where he communes with nature. He has an extensive knowledge on flora and fauna around him and deeply cares for any living things,
thus he only takes from nature what he really needs. He understand the resources and rhythms of nature exceptionally well, and lives accordlingly.
Despite him not speaking to a lot of people for a period of time, while he is dwelling through the forests, he is quite open with them and enjoys talking.
Getting to know what the rest of the world may offer him, he likes to hear stories from any passersby.
But in the end he rather wants to stay in his own forest, where he could go around blindfolded and would still know every inch of it.
He sees himself as the guardian of the area and tries to keep the peace to the best of his abilities.

Wd4 by AnniverseStash

SB: 140$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 300$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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He's so soft! I love the coloring its so well done! The design is also A++
mino-erika's avatar
Anitori and Lanah made such a wonderful team for this annie. The blessing, his colours, and the soft look to the entire chibi and designs this event brings out such a beautiful aspect to the annies of the anniverse. The depth of the colour scheme and personality are shown side by side with this wonderful design. By far, this annie is my top favorite out of all of them . 
Lovelylittlerosie's avatar
AHHHH OMG !!  Anitori and Lanah are both very amazing~ first of all, the colour scheme is so soft and pretty, it gives a warm and friendly atmosphere !! The giant flower crown on his head is such an innocent and adorable touch, it makes him seem so gentle and caring~ His hair and clothes are so well designed! I love the shine and amazing colouring!! The flowers in the bg as well are very elegant! Represents his blessing well. Llama Emoji-11 (Come Here) [V1] 
Lizzy-kaze's avatar
Such a sweet boy, his expression looks so gentle and calm.
Ani and Lanah really did great on him, his colors are so soothing and nice to look at.
I also really like his flower crown and the additional flowers on his outfit, Ani's coloring style looks really pretty on them too~
SakuraCiel's avatar
GASP this boy might be my favourite so far! ~ I love the pinks and this Annie gives out such a cute and calm look! Oh, let's not forget the art too, it is so gorgeous! Such a nice combination! I hope I can see these two artists collaborate more in the future! owo
Yuyumiia's avatar
Aaa// he is such a soft boy~ I love his coat and the flowers really compliment his looks
Ani and Lanah's style go so well with each other! I wish could see more of them!
Squishibear's avatar
I love this boy so much, he's so soft and gorgeous ; o ; The flower tail is so perfect detail ♥ His soft smile gives me lifeeeee ; o ;
Well done you two, this collab is such perfect combination!! 
tippisuu's avatar
[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara this sweet boy is such a cutie!
i love how soft and muted his colors come across but still so vibrant :heart:
lanah and ani, i hope we get to see more collabs from you two in the future!! <333
Starlipop's avatar
What a cute, soft, and sweet Annie~!
The designer's styles complement each other very well, I hope they get to collab again someday! > w <
drawnwithlove's avatar
This boy just oozes gentleness and beauty!! I'm a sucker for Lanah's and Ani's soft styles, the way he's coloured and all his little details steal my breath away!! He makes me feel all warm inside <33 A favourite boy for sure!! You two did so good <3
mintae-chii's avatar
HONESTLY soft lanah boy and soft ani coloring was the collab pair everyone didn't know they needed. He looks so perfect and your combo together really really make this boy! He's such an adorable bab and I love how he turned out. Also noticing he's getting a ton of attention. You two really deserve it! Great work.
ellov-077's avatar
so detailed! Rainbow heart 
JapanZelda's avatar
Haaaaan, I love the tender look and smile! >w<
KittyDaUnicorn's avatar
WHAT A SOFT, SWEET BBY TTOTT The blessing is so perfect and Lanah and Ani did such a good job on him together! The braid and flower crown has me shot// Congrats on the AB!
dream-soloist's avatar
So cute. Love you colouring style!
KRissoGraph's avatar
shes sooo adorable Heart 
MarshmellowAnkuni's avatar
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bluewingfairy's avatar
Good morning, he's look adorable!!!!.
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