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White Days 2019 1|1

White Days Banner by AnniverseStash
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Day 1|1
Golden Retriever by AnniverseStash
Blessing names:
  Golden retriever 
How many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common
Description of blessings and Annie: 

Golden retriever is a large size dog that was originally bred to retrieve ducks that were hunted by people,
 the soft mouthed large dog was perfect for this task also because they love playing in the water. 
Now days they can serve in many tasks such as helping others with disabilities or just be great company for those who love gentle dogs around them. 
They have long and thick fur (suitable for colder climate as well), usually very light in color but some have more red-ish brown fur. 
Golden retrievers are not picky eaters and can grow quite the appetite!
These dogs are also highly intelligent and can learn even more advanced training, 
they love to play but they can also train well!
Optional Personality: 

This Annie loves to please and have fun with people the best he knows, with food! He loves to bake and takes it quite serious, everything is made with a ton of love.
 He's creative with his new recipes and likes to serve his new creations to everyone around him. The feedback he gets for his food is what he lives for, being such people pleaser.
 He can be quite charming too which makes it even harder to disagree on his doings. This boy loves to be around others and feel important, he is not shy to be the center of attention and loves it!

Wd1 by AnniverseStash

SB: 140$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 300$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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xandraclay's avatar
So Cute! There is even a little puppy on the cake! I like all the little touches, like the gold brooch resembling a paw-print and the belts/collars. Clap 
AJRoanoke's avatar
He's now one of my Dreamies I love him so much the design is fantastic and I adore the chef doggo!
RiversReverie's avatar
Doggo petting a doggo! Heart Heart Heart   Ahh he's so precious, Valy!  Love the warm palette of his outfit, the lighter streaks in his hair, and his mischievous wink!  His handmade cake looks yummy, I'd definitely go to his cafe! Heart 
mino-erika's avatar
What a beautiful annie <3 I was captivated by him from the start. His face, expresion, and clothing detail the personality very well while the colours add a touch of softness to him that really bring out his blessing even more. The little dog is such a nice touch to him that cannot be topped <3 Valy, you did such an amazing job with him, he's one of the many favorites I have from this week ;; <3 
Lovelylittlerosie's avatar
AHHH !! Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] Valy did such a wonderful job, his expression is capable of making many people squeal from how adorable he is x’D. I love his clothes, very nicely done and smooth, and god- the cake is super adorable !! The lil doggies are super cute. pink heart {big} 
Overall, his design totally shows how much of a sweet boy he is!! <33
Lizzy-kaze's avatar
This boy is so cute, I love his handsome face and his wink. His color palette fits so well to the baker theme.
I also love his little dog friend they look like such a cute duo, the matching bows both wear is such a nice touch too Bear Emoji-03 (Love) [V1] 
SakuraCiel's avatar
I absolutely love the concept of a sweet baker golden retriever! I also think that the colours go well together. I also like the overall clothes design. Overall, he looks absolutely adorable! Good job!
Yuyumiia's avatar
 Valy did such a good job with his design! I love all the small details and the apron is such an adorable idea~
aaa// and the doggo is so cute!!! I love his small chef hat
Squishibear's avatar
Ahh gonna do the commentary event again so I will comment on my own art as well xD

I'm so happy how he turned out as I am not usually comfortable drawing men/boys in general. The warm welcome that this design got with the 6 instant ABs and the supportive comments made me feel very good about trying new things. I had very specific idea for him from the very beginning and it turned out very much as I wanted to, though thanks to yami for adding the doggo bby idea! ♥ it sure made the whole design idea much more full!

Once again thanks to everyone for the support !
Starlipop's avatar
He's so handsome! I love the golden details Valy added onto him~
This companion is very adorable too! Both of them are absolutely charming ♥
Squishibear's avatar
eep thank u so much >///>♥
drawnwithlove's avatar
This boy is so pure and lovable!! I LOVE the little doggy companion he has, as well as the love hearts. The tiny puppy on the cake is everything!! You did so good on him Valy, he's such a beauty <333
Squishibear's avatar
ahh thank u so much!! ; o ; ♥ means a lot
mintae-chii's avatar

AAAAAAH omg valy you know how much I adore this boy. His smile is just so perfect and his little doggy friend and doggy figure on the cake just KILL ME!!! He's a perfect epitome of a cafe barista patissier prince and he still has my heart cries. I'm really happy he went to seal so I'm not that upset, but honestly you snatch my wig every single event with such beautiful designs. Good work!!!
Squishibear's avatar
awh thank u so much ; o ; ♥ he stole even my heart XD
JapanZelda's avatar
Squishibear's avatar
ahh im so glad u like him >//<
KittyDaUnicorn's avatar
CUTIEEEE!! What a sweet baker boyo, he's charmed my heart already with that cute apron and lil doggy ears x-x Valy did such a wonderful job with him, good boy 10/10
Squishibear's avatar
eep thank u so so so much !! >//<
Berryzem's avatar
Omygosh good doggy! ;o; He is so darn precious I can't! I like the slit on his pant leg with the fabric beneath it too. That's cool, and his apron is adorable >w<. Lovely job, Valy! ♥
Squishibear's avatar
thank u so much ; v ; im glad u like him!!
Berryzem's avatar
You're very welcome ♥
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