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Summer Annies [AUCTION] CLOSED

SUMMER ANNIES! :iconomgsocuteplz:
I had so much fun designing these! 
All of them have a slight sailor theme going on with a little more vintage touch of fashion!
Hope you like them, I worked hard on them //V//// ♥

If you are interested in Annies please check out their group! 

Lore of Annie

Pekin Duck

♥Common - 1 spirit blessing
♥Common - Normal pupils
♥Common - Not endangered

Owner :iconmotaii:

Duck by ZombieBunnyRabbit 

Pekin duck is a wonderful duck with a unique trait!
Some of them keep some of the yellow feather tint they had as a duckling into adulthood!
Truly and adorable trait ♥

Starting Bid: $35 / 3500Points
Minimum Increase: $5 / 500Points
Autobuy: 300$


♥Common- 1 spirit blessing
♥Common - Not endangered
♥Uncommon - Peach shaped pupils
♥Super Rare - Glowing pupils

 Owner :iconwolf-princess26:

 Peaches are a warm and fuzzy hairy fruit and  a beautiful flower, perfect for the summer time! Such a juicy fruit will surely gain you a lot of joy!
Careful you don´t eat too fast though, there is a big seed in there too!

Starting Bid:
 $35 / 3500Points 
Minimum Increase: $5 / 500Points
Autobuy: 300$

Lily of the valley

♥Common - 1 spirit blessing
♥Uncommon- Glowy Lily of the valley shaped pupils

Owner :iconhimaeko:

Starting Bid: $35 / 3500Points
Minimum Increase: $5 / 500Points
Autobuy: 300$

lily of the valley by WednesdayM0rning 

Lily of the Valley is a beautiful flower resembling the winter flower Snow drop! 
A big difference is it´s poisonous though! Make sure you don´t touch it with your bare hands ♥

Auction time: 48 hours (2 days) from the upload date.

If someone bids within 1 Hours before the auction ends, the auction will be extended by another hour to prevent sniping.


 By bidding, you are agreeing to my Terms of Service - Annies

Serious bidding only; backing out of the auction at any point by editing or retracting your bid will result in a ban from my species and auctions. Fake bids will also result in a permanent ban.

You must bid under the comment Bid here!

If a new bid, you reply to the previous bid.

Your account must be at least 2 months old.  

<You must be able to pay within 24 hours after you have won. 

-When bidding, please specify if you are bidding in $$ or Points.

-The winner will receive the un-watermarked, larger version.

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Thank you so much! ////v//// ♥
xdivavirtualx's avatar
They serve 300 points
bibi-cha's avatar
you accept requests?
Dannie-20nine's avatar
Such adorable designs
KimiboYumeko's avatar
The Lily of the Valley? Isn't it poisonous? 
PrincessTearDrop's avatar
bakagummi's avatar
tite-princesse's avatar
They are so cute!
Icygem's avatar
Do you know Aphmau? Can you do Laurance and Aphmau moment
xCuteLittleAngelx's avatar
This is my favorite batch of Annies :D
xVanyx's avatar
Your art is really cute and adorable ^w^!
Megmui's avatar
Yamio! Your art is absolutely lovely! You are such a big inspiration for me!
aricatnyan's avatar
I will never cease to be surprised with your art <3
xXCandyFlossfluffXx's avatar
Yamio can you make me a girl with fox ears and pink! i need a oc...
KDDT's avatar
Muni-Chama's avatar
eeep these are adorable QAQ <33 The way you present your adopts is so pretty o////o
I love their designs so much and their color schemes are so pretty!! ;;o;; Peking duck is my fav ;;;7;;;
I'm glad to see that all these girls went to good homes <33
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looks closely at beautiful art... *breathes in* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE so adorable :3
MissMelodyButterfly's avatar
Sailor + retro = Love !!
Stanoveno's avatar
Jellyfishbubblez's avatar
Omg These are adorable Yamis! :heart:
I'm in love with their designs! The outfits are just hnnnng!!Pearl Emote 10 
Kimimochi's avatar
They are so kawaii! Senpaai, how are you doing this?! ;A; 
Teach meee ;^;
(notice meee ;A; )
Rinyahn's avatar
Awwww<3 Such little cuties~
ReverieRose's avatar
I like the pastel colors and sparkly eyes. They all look like friends!
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