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Starannie | Day 4|1


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Day 4|1

Blessing Name: Dirona Albolineata | Black Stapelia
How Many Blessings: 2
Rarity: Uncommon
Eyes: Uncommon Star-shaped Pupils

Description of Blessings and Annie:

Dirona Albolineata: is a species of cute nudibranch (sea slugs) that come in
different colors and shapes. This particular nudibranch lives in the Eastern Pacific
Ocean from Alaska to San Diego, California. They can reach a length of about 180mm
and is adorned with translucent, large and beautiful looking cerata ( Greek. meaning ''Horns'')
that come out of their back. Those sweet and innocent looking creatures feed on a wide variety
of prey, mostly plankton, small snails and sea shells. They have no specific gender and can be both:
female and male. Once they find their partner one acts as female and the other as male in order to mate
and make cute baby nudibranches.

Black Stapelia: Stapelias came predominantly from South Africa and belong
to the family of ''stem succulent plants'' like cacti. They flowers can grow to 2cm
or even 40cm depending on the sub species. Most Stapelias are visibly hairy and
generate the odor of rotten flesh when they bloom. Such odors serve to attract
various pollinators from the dipteran family (flies) in order to reproduce themselves
and safe their species. Even though they have a rather not elegant way to attract 
their life savers, they still don't loose their pride and bloom in full beauty, different
colors and shapes.

Optional Personality:

This graceful Annie is a dreamy quiet soul. She loves taking walks in a cold
and starry night. Often by herself alone. But that's fine, since she completely
enjoys the company of beautiful night sounds, a fresh breeze and twinkling
fireflies. However, she makes a perfect listener to other peoples problems 
and helps if her friends don't feel well with a warm advice an sweet hug.

SB: 220$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 520$
Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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All hail Queen Starannie.
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I love her so much. The big poofy hair, the dress... everything comes together and flows in such a perfect combination. I love it all.

rce-ordinary's avatar

The design of this one is magnificent, I love the contrast here. The hair is beautiful and the dress is pretty as well.

Hele-Bun's avatar

Thank you!! ♥

Those colors are mostly Yocci's idea, to create a girl with a dark-white pattern .:Bunny love:.

Yamio's avatar

ADORE how this one came out! The hair is so elegant and lovely! as well as their outfit. Great collab and work, both of you! 2018YupiANanEmote015

Hele-Bun's avatar

omg Yamio you are so lovely Shiro Crying Icon

Tysm for giving us the opportunity to create her ♥

Heliscar's avatar

So cute, I love her outfit ^^

Hele-Bun's avatar
g8ut's avatar
Hele-Bun's avatar
softely's avatar

omg this is such an elegant and classy color palette!!

i love how the black stapelia is only sprinkled here and there but still being represented so well overall ♡

Hele-Bun's avatar

These flowers fascinated me from the beginning! They are very elegant and sophisticated, like this little girl hamtaro love emote Tysm ♥

KittyDaUnicorn's avatar

wAAAAh omigosh yocci and hele !! such an elegant beauty TTOTT i love her regal colour, palette and those curls are so beautiful ;u; her dress is so dainty and the layering shows off her blessing really nicely x) <33

Hele-Bun's avatar

Awww, thank you ♥

When Yocci showed me that little worm I suddenly thought of this skirt. Having such characteristic blessings are a great help in creating a design, and such elegant ones could only create a royal baby cute bear heart

LittleAleu's avatar

AAAAAAA THIS BBY IS SO PRECIOUS!!! She has to be one of my favorites of this event so far!! She is such a looker and I adore her blessings, especially with how you two represented them in her so well! Her blues are gorgeous and i simply in love with how everything on her dress overlayers. I AM DYING ♥♥♥ for her stunning long hair, with those curls and the different color streaks are killing my heart! I would serve this little queen till the world ended. Keep up the amazing work bbys! ♥♥♥

Hele-Bun's avatar

Tysm for your comment and support!! ♥♥♥

Lining her curls was a challenge but it was worth it~ I'm glad she's one of your favorites, We put a lot of effort into this little girl Bunny Emoji-17 (Hurray Cute) [V1]

Aryllx's avatar
Woooow Yami! This is beyond stunning
Milavana's avatar

Awww what a precious bby! <3

She's just so adorable, I love her little crown and the beautiful curls!

Really love the color scheme and her pretty dress, too!

What a little cutiepie aahh

Amazing work <3

Hele-Bun's avatar

Thank you, dear ♥♥

I still don't know why I put that crown but it was worth it~

At the beggining we wanted to make a baroque lolita but she ended up being a little princess Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1]

Umeboshi-Art's avatar
Wahh!! Shes stunning!!♡ Im super in love with her colors and her look. You both did such a great job!
Hele-Bun's avatar

Thank you so much ;u; ♥

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