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Spice Annie 2021 | Day 3

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Day 3

Blessing Names: Black Mustard [Brassica nigra]
How Many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common round
Description of Blessings and Annie:

Brassica nigra, or Black mustard, is an annual plant cultivated for its black or dark brown seeds,
which are commonly used as a spice.  The flowers have four yellow petals, which are twice as
long as the sepals. Later, the plant forms long seed pods, that contain four rounded seeds. It
has been used in cuisine in so many ways, from condiment to spice to pickling. The young
leaves, buds, and flowers are also edible! The seeds are flavorful, although they have almost
no aroma. Outside of the kitchen, ground seeds were also used to cure colds and many sorts
of respiratory infections before the advent of modern medicine.

Optional personality:
Fresh and spicy! She might not seem like it, but this Annie is very well-versed in healing magic
despite what her shiny and adorned exterior might say. But can't a doctor wear a few jewels and
want to look pretty too? If she hears just one little sneeze from you, she'll quickly wave her staff
around and make sure to protect you from catching any serious ailments. She tends to run her
mouth a bit too much at the worst of times. She's got too much knowledge inside of her and
loves exchanging it with other people to grow wiser and wiser every day.
SB: $180
Min Increase: $5
AB: $400

Auction ends after 24H after the last bid.

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i-wuv-animeda's avatar

Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4] I love her brightness, it's so sunny and warm. I love the look of her staff and hair, it's absolutely lovely~

LadyMegami's avatar

She's so adorable and bright, I love her. Her outfit is really unique, I want something like that. The braids on her hair are so well done, those definitely had to take time to draw. Best one nekorina

Berryzem's avatar

Oh my goodness she is so pretty and adorable all at once! I love, love, LOVE her braids and overall outfit! The way you colored them is just delightful, Rina ♥ (those blue greens are just everything and more). I like her earrings and makeup too, wow! Goodness she is such a lovely design! You did a fantastic job!

JapanZelda's avatar

Haaaan, cute!! Really love her outfit!

CCShu's avatar

I love how vibrant this lady is! Her color palette makes her pop in all the right ways, and I'm weak for the flower detailing on her sleeves

inavacl's avatar

The yellow is so amazing and my favorite part is all the colors in the hair. The colors are all so balanced together in a way I adore ToT

TBeeBee's avatar

WAA?? this lovely lady is looking so fresh~~

she has some pretty cool and mature vibes, and i absolutely love the take on black mustard~ certainly something i wouldn't have seen coming! Also just overall love the art style and the colors used 🥺❤

VilmaMonster's avatar

This colorful annie expresses both African and European vibes as i think. The colors are amazing, i'll remember them to use in mine designs.

Neko-Rina's avatar

awww thank you! Glad it can inspire you! ^w^

rce-ordinary's avatar

she is so beautiful, the colors are fresh and vibrant. i love her hair and the patterns on her sleeves are lovely too!

Neko-Rina's avatar

awww thank you!

AmestaO3O's avatar

How adorable she is :3

I like that oryginal character design. Very good!

Neko-Rina's avatar

thanks a lot ♥♥♥

Kourakia's avatar

RINAA Im cryiN, HUGE CONGRATS ON THE PRECLAIMM! Super well earned!! Her outfit is absolutely stunning, and I love that you used a hint of the bright blue in her eyes as well! I think it really makes the gold color of them shine! The texture of her staff is also just beautifully done and the dangling leaves from her waist are just such a fantastic touch! The way you shaded them and built their form is really really wonderful!

Neko-Rina's avatar

aww thank you dear ;w;

it means a lot that you like how I did the leaves and wood, I just never think I'm getting all that stuff right x'D

ShiroEsuna's avatar


I love this girl SO much♥

her palette is so appealing, and im

in loooooove with the way you rendered her braids ToT

she's GORGEOUS!!!

Neko-Rina's avatar

safghka thank you Shiro x'D

Thanks God to those braid brushes or else I think I would have died in the process of drawing such tiny things from scratch

CookieTeaa's avatar

So beautiful and cute omg!!! Rina your art always stuns me with how well you make colours work together! She’s so vibrant and omg look at those braids!!! So many amazing details, keep up the great work bb!!

Neko-Rina's avatar

;w; thank you so much dear ♥♥♥ you're all gonna make me cry with so many sweet words

Kiehran's avatar

Eep! She's so cute! I love her flowy looking sleeves and the gold glitter on her face!

Neko-Rina's avatar

thank you very much ^w^

121GWJolt's avatar

I've finally mustard together the words to top this image with the perfect condiment... uh, comment!

She looks so heckin CUTE! I love love love love this shade of yellow! The staff and hairstyle are also heckin great and draw my eyes into this, and the outfit is GREAT! There's something about short shorts and long sleeves that's kinda aesthetic

Neko-Rina's avatar

hahahaha omg Jolt xD

thank you so much!

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