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Shroomannie 2019 | Day 8|1

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Day 8 | 1
Blessing names: White Tree Peony | Exsudoporus frostii
How many Blessings: 2
Rarity: Uncommon
Eyes: Common round
Description of blessings and Annie:

The White Tree Peony, or Renkaku Peony, is a flower native to China.
They bloom towards the end of spring, and are slightly slow-growing plants.
Although slow to grow, they're quite resistant and resilient to the animals and bugs that try to prey on them.
It is loved for its large snowy white blooming flowers and golden center.
This exceptional Peony is also a Perennial flower,
meaning it does not die from old age.

Exsudoporus frostii is a popular mushroom of many names.
Some call it Frostii's Bolete, and others call it the Candy Apply Bolete for its glazing bright yet dark red color.
These mushrooms love to grow near large Oak trees and wooded areas.
Frostii's Bolete has a mutual relationship with their neighbouring trees, as they rely on eachother.
The mushroom absorbs minerals from the soil and channels these nutrients into the trees,
and the trees provide the mushrooms with sugars leftover from photosynthesis.
They have sticky shiny caps and are even considered edible, although,
 not recommended as they resemble a plethora of poisonous red mushrooms,
and can be easily confused.
Optional Personality:
With her large side ponytail and swaying sleeves, this Annie comes strutting in.
She has a "I'm better than you" personality, and generally looks down on people she does not know.
It's hard for her to form relationships unless she knows she will somehow benefit,
causing a trail of unhappy lovers and friends that tried to get close to her.
Her skirt and umbrella resemble her mushroom blessing,
along with her circle hair decoration that ties her ponytail up.
She loves nothing more than frills and gold, will you comply with her many needs?

Sidenote: She likes to play bat with her sleeves when nobody is watching.

SB: 180$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 450$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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Melonada's avatar
Wow, she is beautiful. And so lady-like. Her design is such a sight. The colors go very well together and the contrast is pretty. I love her hairstyle, her poofy dress and the parasol. The frills, flowers and golden decoration are a wonderful addition. Her pose and facial expression make her look particularly charming and proper. The pointy ears and the flower petals make this picture even more magical. She also reminds me of jellyfish in a way.
NormaLeeInsane's avatar
Such a fancy design. :aww:
JapanZelda's avatar
She's so elegant! I love her colors so much!
121GWJolt's avatar
She's such an elegant beauty!

Her long flowing braid and her pose just match up really well! It gives her a great elegance!
softely's avatar
such a gorgeous and classy lady by none other than 2 gorgeous and classy designers ;A; 
i love her hair so so much and just her color palette in general is so beautiful TT O TT
her classy ruffles and poofs are so nice to look at, yet she seems like such an unapproachable lady, which just intrigues you even more!! *o*

amazing work yami and shelly hhhnngg 
rce-ordinary's avatar
i love the simple yet elegant design on this one
xMelonDrop's avatar
This babe... what more can I say about this babe. Two of my Favorite designers creating a Chinese inspired bad b-. nothing could be more perfect than this, and I'm so happy I get to co-own her with Avasia! I love the little part about the bat wings so much AHHH. Her outfit is perfect for her blessings.  
Zinniie's avatar
I love her pose and those sleeves!! Those sleeves are such a nice touch to her design <3
Great silhouette too with the hair, sleeves, and parasol!
AtlasNir's avatar
I love this design because it's so simple and so well thought out! *__* Just the shape of her dress and umbrella alone make the design cohesive~ I love the little flower pattern design you got going on her dress
Milavana's avatar
What a beauty ahh <3
I love her so much! I always love parasols or umbrellas and this one is just so pretty!
She's so feminine and pretty, such an elegant baby!
I adore her color palette, the color combination is such a weak spot for me hhh <3
Her hair is so lovely and the floral print on her dress is so so nice!!
Beautiful design ladies. Love your styles together!!
Poly-peptide's avatar
Such a godly duo you two ;~; She’s absolutely gorgeous and I’m so weak for parasols. DX :heart: :hug:
Yamio's avatar
AHHH thank you Poly!!!!
SAME!! but they so hard to draw ahaha *sweats* ♥♥♥
Kyouken0w0's avatar
Yamio's avatar
Thank you!! ///V//// ♥
KittyDaUnicorn's avatar
yami x shel designs... an iconic duo huhuhu
i really love the deep reds, and her hairstyle! the poofy dress resembles the mushroom really nicely~ congrats on the ab! <3
shelselle's avatar
TYSM AAA //HUGS YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️
fairibb's avatar
her color scheme is gorgeous!! it really adds that to her dangerous character of being manipulative and selfish. i also love her ponytail!! it’s such an iconic asset to her appearance ❤️❤️
shelselle's avatar
thank you so much!! c: her ponytail is one one my favorite parts too! x) <3 i’m happy you like her personality idea!! ^o^
bakagummi's avatar
I love her ♡
shelselle's avatar
thank you so much! 💕💕
shelselle's avatar
shelselle's avatar
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