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Shellannie 2019 | Day 7

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Day 7

Annachlamys Flabellata Scallop by AnniverseStash California Flying Fish by AnniverseStash
Blessing names: Annachlamys Flabellata | California Flying Fish
How many Blessings: 2
Rarity: Uncommon
Eyes: Uncommon Scallop Pupil
Description of blessings and Annie: 

Description of blessings and Annie:

Annachlamys flabellata
is a type of scallop, thus apart of the mollusk species. 
They are typically found in the shallow waters of northern Australia.
In terms of size range, they can grow can between 2.5in - 4in (6-10cm)!! 
They are half-circular shape and are ribbed on the valves of the shell.
This mollusk is cream or white in color, with orange and pink-red stripes on the ribbed areas.
It is also a filter-feeder, meaning it draws water into itself and consumes the particles within that water,
then releases the filtered water! Smaller individuals are usually males, while larger are mostly females. 
They can actually even change their biological sex through a process called sequential hermaphroditism!

The California Flying fish is the largest subspecies of flying fish, growing up to a whopping 15in (38cm) long!
It is located in the Pacific Ocean, specifically the eastern part of it. Of course it does not actually fly, 
but it can launch itself into the air and use its special fins to glide along the surface!! 
These pectoral fins strongly resemble wings, which is what gives this fish its peculiar name.
This fish prefers to spend time in the open ocean areas, and only comes to shore to lay eggs. 
The spirit of a true adventurer!!

  7 by AnniverseStash

Optional Personality: 

She has hair that ends like swirling waves, and a ribbon that sways like sea water. 
This girl is one who loves the ocean breeze, and has infinite curiosity. 
Always wondering about what is in the depths of the endless ocean, 
she decides to join a ship crew and become a sailor! She’s no captain,
but an excellent lackey who follows orders accordingly. 
She will do anything as long as it brings her closer to her home, 
the ocean ❤️🌊

SB: 180$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 450$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

Shellannie 2019 Calendar by AnniverseStash

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rce-ordinary's avatar
she is so beautiful. i really love her hair, her dress, and the colors on her. the pose is pretty as well!
121GWJolt's avatar

Everything about her- the colors, the hair curls, the pose- I love the air she gives off; she radiates "I'm fabulous and I know it!" energy and it's great.
Lizzy-kaze's avatar
She's so pretty Shel!
I love the blessings you chose for her, I actually wondered when there will be an flying fish Annie!
I like how you used the shape of the fish's wings as bows, and how you did the same thing with the shells pattern.
It's such a cute detail!
Cammiio's avatar
I lovvv her hair sm, it looks so unique with the long pigtails, the loops and the straight hair at the back eep<33
I love how you incorporated the blessing of the california flying fish into this design too o//

Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1]  
Pegashi12's avatar
I love the dress design of this Annie so much!! You can really tell the effort that was put in to design it, and the colors complement very well. I love the little decors on her dress, it adds to the shell and sea theme greatly and overall is very pleasing to the eye. Great job!
FiveSoap's avatar
Big hair, wowie! Her light hair and the dark dress look so pretty together, and there's gold to make it even more shiny!! Wowie, shiny is an understatement!! I lovee~! > /// <
JapanZelda's avatar
My god, her hair! Amazing!
Bolties's avatar
- by Bolties
her twin tails and twin loops ok sign f2u ok sign f2u ok sign f2u 
you have such a talent for detail and accents in every design you make!!! each piece of the design is meaningful and adds unity!
i really like the shell structures added into her chestpiece, shoes, and headpiece, probably my favorite part of the outfit!
Aspintacular's avatar
Shelly ahhhh she's so lovely! Those beautiful wing looking fins are stunning and I love all the patterns and details in her design! You are so talented and I just adore every Annie you create! <333
shelselle's avatar
thank you aspin AAAAH! Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Sho lovely) [V2] bunny emoji (love) bunny emoji (love)  <33333333
drawnwithlove's avatar
SHELL oh my gosh /)//////(\
she is just a gem!!! I'm in love with her outfit and whole theme, you always bring out the best of every blessing you design!! I especially love her colours and pose, and the way her hair twirls at the ends! 
such a fantastic job!!!! <3333   
shelselle's avatar
MOCHI ILYYY THANK YOU! <3 BT21 - RJ emoticon alpaca - heart love 
TrendyStaMacigian's avatar
She's so pretty! ^u^ I love her, she definitely gives me mermaid and seashell vibes. I also use light pink and blue when I draw seashell themed stuff, mostly blue
shelselle's avatar
Awe I'm glad! Thank you!! <333 .:Bunny loving:. .:Bunny loving:. 
TrendyStaMacigian's avatar
You're welcome ^u^ I love your art
YoucandoA's avatar
Very lovely & pretty :rose::star:
shelselle's avatar
thank you so much! Neko love Neko love 
xMelonDrop's avatar
Another beautiful annie from Shel~ 
your coloration always brings me such joy - especially the hair. I love your haute couture outfit - it fits her so well. 
You've captured the blessing impeccably, as I knew it was a flying fish without looking lol. Wonderful Work <3
shelselle's avatar
melon you're so SWEET THANK YOU I'm happy you like the hair and that you could tell the blessing right away eep!! Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] <3
tippisuu's avatar
[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara oh my dear lord, seashell
this design is easily my favorite of yours yet
you truly have captured the beauty of her blessings and the way you are showing details off in subtle ways is phenomenal
you have truly outdone yourself with this annie design <3333
shelselle's avatar
TIPPI im so happy you like her thank you my LOVE Pika Box- Love <3333
shelselle's avatar
Thanks!! Pixel: Red Heart Love Pixel: Red Heart Love 
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