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Shark Week Day 5|1

  Sharkweek banner 2018 by AnniverseStash
Day 5|1
         Ghost Chimaera Shark by Yamio  Delphiniums by Yamio 

Blessing names:
 Ghost chimaera Shark (Hydrolagus bemisi) | Delphinium flower
How many Blessings: 2
Rarity: Uncommon
Eyes: Uncommon Shark eyes
Description of blessings and Annie:
Ghost Sharks are one of the rarest creatures known to the world, as they live solely in the deep sea in which light cannot reach.
They are called many names, including Hydrolagus, water bunnies, spookfish, and chimaeras.
 Extremely little is known about this gentle specter-like shark. Hard to find in the darkness of the depth of the ocean,
they are mostly known as a mystery.
 The Ghost chimaera Shark inhabits upper and mid continental slope over soft sediments.
It feeds on benthic invertebrates. Pale ghost sharks lay eggs in hard cases, depositing them in pairs on the seabed.
Males mature at 60 cm and females at 70 cm. The maximum length of a ghost shark is thought to be about 90 cm.

Delphiniums are perennial plants with bunches of closely clustered flowers in various cool toned colours.
Derived from the Greek word "delphis," meaning dolphin, delphinium are also commonly known as larkspur due to their shape reminding you of the claws of Larks.
They are the July birth flower. These lush flowers symbolize an open heart and ardent attachment and convey a feeling of lightness and levity.
The subtle meaning behind the flower changes with its petal colour; pink petals represent fickleness, white a happy-go-lucky nature and purple represents one's first love. 
In the past, Native Americans used the flowers to create blue dye, and it was believed to be good at warding away scorpions.
Most parts of the Delphinium plant are poisonous and will kill humans and even cattle if ingested.

Optional personality:
This Annie is like an ethereal, ghostly apparition, appearing to bring relief to the lost.
Blessed by the Chimaera Ghost Shark and Delphiniums, her strongest time is during July.
The constellation of Cancer is stitched delicately into her headdress using Delphinium blossoms. 
Calm and mysterious, her hollow eyes initially invokes fear from other Annies.
In reality, u
sing her coolly glowing lantern, she is a wayfinder in the darkness of the seas, guiding lost souls to their desired destinations.
Though rarely seen and ghost-like, she brings a feeling of comfort and relief to those in trouble.
She also offers the lost use of her blue lanterns for a price, as she finds the materials to make them at the bottom of the ocean.

Pixel: Blue Star Pixel: Blue Star Pixel: Blue Star 
SB: 100$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 450$

Auction ends after 48H after last bid.

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jellyskink's avatar
She's cuuuuuuuute (*´꒳`*)
Yamio's avatar
Thank you! ///V/// ♥♥♥
RIPZyden070121's avatar
She is just devine
Yamio's avatar
Thank you so much! ///V/// ♥♥♥
sydneypie's avatar
She must be a light shark
Yamio's avatar
I guess! ♥
Wombuss's avatar
This Is Outstanding! Great Work! I Could Never Do Something This Detailed And Well Drawn! Keep Up The Amazing Work!
Yamio's avatar
Thank you so much!! ///V// ♥ IT was the power of 2!
kittengeist's avatar
Yami you and Quis did such a great job! Her soft colors really make her such a beauty! Definitely one of my favorite Annies overall!
Yamio's avatar
Thank you Geist! //V/// <3333333
JapanZelda's avatar
So nice! I love light blue! ><
Yamio's avatar
Thank you!! /////
jadedacatl106's avatar
The blues hues are AMAZING and to die for! Blue Heart Icon 
Yamio's avatar
Awww gosh thank you! //V// ♥
Sanyiruu's avatar
How majestic and well executed Annie! She gives me such mysterious, yet exciting vibes! Nonetheless, I love it!
Also, I see you below, Hyan... hello there 👀
Yamio's avatar
Ahhh thank you so much Santi! And pffff
Fellow fan, I see *eyes* ♥
Sanyiruu's avatar
No problem, dear! ;w;
Also yes, a very smol fan of her ewe
Hyanna-Natsu's avatar
She is amazing, the art of both merged so well together!
I love her eyes and the colors very much, also the textures * W*)
Yamio's avatar
Whaaa thank you so much Hyan!! //V/// <333333
The textures all goes to Quisling! she is amazing with such things! //// ♥♥♥
NormaLeeInsane's avatar
Such a pretty design. :aww:
Yamio's avatar
Thank you so much! //V// ♥
Yamio's avatar
Thank you so much!! ♥
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