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Shark Week Day 4|2

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Day 4|2

        Angel Shark by Yamio  Pink Lotus by Yamio 

Blessing names:
 Angel Shark|Pink Lotus
How many Blessings: 2
Rarity: Uncommon
Eyes: Common
Description of blessings and Annie:
Angel Shark is an unpopular species of shark that are often mistaken for rays.
They have a peculiar shape, they have long pectoral and pelvic fins that resembles an angel, hence the name. 

They are mostly found shallow temperature or tropical seas. Angel Sharks grow to an average of 5 feet long but some species of Angel Sharks,
like the Japanese Angel Shark, grow to 8.2 feet. 

A lotus flower is considered a sacred flower which is commonly associated with purity and rebirth.
 However, it is the pink lotus flower that is considered to be the supreme lotus due to it's beauty.

This Annie's attire is based on the shape her Angel Shark body.
She cut her hair shaped like the shark's pectoral fins and 
the unique blunt snout of the shark.
while her kimono sleeves aim to replicate the shape of the pelvic fins!
The designer associate the word "angel" to "goddess" "divine being" thus the traditional design.
A sacred flower such as the pink lotus flower best fits a divinity like her.

Optional personality:
This Annie is very self-conscious and overthinks a lot. 
Most would look at her with awe and admiration but she thinks she's being judged whenever she gets a glimpse of anyone looking at her.
In solitude (or when she thinks she is) she is a very confident Annie and feels the most happy.
Pixel: Blue Star Pixel: Blue Star Pixel: Blue Star 
SB: 100$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 450$

Auction ends after 48H after last bid.

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Neo128's avatar
All dressed up! Is it her wedding day? :o
xxsonicanimexx's avatar
lupinelover's avatar
Really cute and I like that you used lotus in the design too :)
rce-ordinary's avatar
the design on this one is so beautiful!
Haanakko's avatar
JapanZelda's avatar
Geez, she's gorgeous! I really love her!
HalanLore's avatar
Amazing coloring but something about the shape of the tail is off. Is that how Angel sharks look?
stookly's avatar
ommmggggggg she's so adorable!!!! 
Moreuse's avatar
Ethii's avatar
This bab is absolutely angelic!!! (No pun intended)
I love the texturing on the tail Rosu Tiny Heart  your attention to detail is incredible 
Her outfit is so stylish and unusual ^ v ^ I wish that it existed in real life
Such amazing work for your first Annie but I didn't expect any less! Njae is a lucky guy light pink heart  
flightless-birb's avatar
All these designs are so cute~! Heart Love 
Sanyiruu's avatar
First time I see a Rosuuri design, and I'm not disappointed! She's way too cute for me, agh!
DennisReed's avatar
sweet mermaid dress
Puppypaww's avatar
oh gosh this is absolutely gorgeous !! bunny booty emoji  i adore the design ///
i knew right away that this would be AB'd pretty quickly haha nervous neko emoji 
rosuuri never disappoints with her god-like art, i could stare at this forever Emoji26  //sob
HumanoSiniestro's avatar
So lovely and beautiful!! You really are excellent making kawaii things, Yamio.
For some reason, her tail reminds me an shrimp. Now i'm hungry XD
shelselle's avatar
the designer and artist for this piece is actually Rosuuri ^.^ glad you like her though! (。・ω・。)ノ♡❤️
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