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Shark Week Day 3|2

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Day 3|2

      Hammer Shark by Yamio 

Blessing names:
 Hammerhead Coralina Shark
How many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common
Description of blessings and Annie:

The Hammerhead coralina sharks are often found together in groups.
They are named after their rather unusual head shape resembling the head of a hammer.
This new species, named the Carolina hammerhead (Sphyrna gilbert), gives birth to shark "pups" in estuaries (The end of a river)!
Virtually identical to the scalloped hammerhead,  the species is however genetically different from it and contains about 10 fewer vertebrae!
 Stingrays are a particular favorite of it's common meals, but they are known to eat a large amount of other prey and fish.

No human fatalities have ever been recorded from this specific Hammerhead species.
In native Hawaiian culture, sharks are considered to be gods of the sea, protectors of humans, and cleaners of excessive ocean life.
The hammerhead shark, also known as mano kihikihi, is not considered a man-eater or niuhi; it is considered to be one of the most respected sharks of the ocean, an aumakua.
Hammerheads have disproportionately small mouths and seem to do a lot of bottom-hunting.
They are also known to form schools during the day, sometimes in groups of over 100. In the evening, they become solitary hunters.
Hammerheads can be found in warm tropical waters, but during the summer, they participate in a mass migration to search for cooler waters~

This Annie represents her Shark blessing by having two large hair buns resembling her Hammerhead's shape.
As well as a small crown to symbolize the tiny toothy mouth of her spirit.
Big braided pigtails with golden highlights, she takes on a rather fancy attire.

Optional personality:
This Annie possess one of the more gentle Shark blessings. 
Despite her blessing's cousins aggressive nature, she is very gentle and mild.
Working hard to protect her fellow Hammerheads, who sadly mostly are endangered, she volunteers to speak on their behalf!

Pixel: Blue Star Pixel: Blue Star Pixel: Blue Star 
SB: 80$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 300$

Auction ends after 48H after last bid.

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Hammerheads are also the only shark species known to get tans... no fooling...
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Juvi, omg...
This is so cute, words can't describe it!
I also love the way how you interpret her hair with her blessing, it's so unique!
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HAAAAAN, how come that sweet heart is a scary shark?! So cute!
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Juvi she looks so great!!! Bright colors give me life TOT
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thank you so so much inu!! <3
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[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara ahhh juvi!!!
this is such an adorable design!!
i love her ribbons and dress so much! :heart:
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difhsdf omg charmi thank you!! <3 im so glad you like her !! 
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she looks so cute! ^^
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Bid here!

SB: $80
Min Increase: $5
AB: $300

Auction ends 48H after last commented bid.
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The bid has been closed! Juveon will contact you soon!

In the meantime please refer back to the Terms of Service - Annies if you haven't already. 

As well as commenting on the Annie Masterlist of your new ownership after payments have been made!
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