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Rainbow Annie 2019 | Day 9|3

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Day 9|3

Ayam Cemani Rooster by AnniverseStash Helleborus Onyx Odyssey by AnniverseStash Eastern Indigo Snake by AnniverseStash
Blessing names: Ayam Cemani Rooster | Helleborus Onyx Odyssey | Eastern Indigo Snake
How many Blessings: 3
Rarity: Super Rare
Eyes: Super rare glowing snake pupils
Description of blessings and Annie: 

The Ayam Cemani Rooster is a very unique Indonesian chicken species, 
as it has dark black pigmentation all around. 
This pigment is not only on their surface feathers though,
they are pitch black all throughout their entire eternal body.
It has black skin, black meat, black bones, black beaks, black tongues, 
and EVEN black organs which includes a pure black heart. 
Their black feathers have a slight iridescent shine to them, 
glittering in the sun with shiny purple and blue hues. 
The meat from the Ayam Cemani is even said to have mystical power by some people.
They are one of the most expensive chicken breed in the world,
due to their exquisite uniqueness and hyper black pigmentation! 

The Onyx Odyssey Helleborus is a large black flower, 
that sometimes has a purple-ish appearance. 
It also has a slight blue shine to it in the light. 
They are winter flowers, that bloom from the beginning of winter,
to the start of spring. Because of their blooming cycle, 
they're called the nickname "Winter Jewel." They can grow up to a striking 12-15in (30-37cm)!

Eastern Indigo Snake is a lovely jet black color all over,
with a slightly golden orange snout and cheeks. They're a large species, 
about 4 to 8 feet long (1.2-2.36m), but the largest recorded was 9.4 feet (2.8m)!
They have blue-black glossy scales, that look a blackish purple iridescent color in the light, 
which is where they get the "Eastern Indigo" name. Their scientific name, "Drymarchon couperi",
includes the meaning Lord or Ruler! Contrary to the behavior of other snakes, when killing prey, 
the Eastern Indigo is known to violently beat their prey against large objects and bludgeon it to death.
They also flick their tongues out more often than other snakes. They hiss and shake their tails when defending themselves,
and are known to even eat other smaller snakes. An interesting fact about them is that sometimes, they will co-habit with Gopher Tortoises to share underground burrows!

  Day 9/3 by AnniverseStash

Optional Personality: 
This vicious goth queen slithers in with mighty strength that even a goddess would fear. 
She has huge jet black hair curled all around her, and long draping sleeves lined with feathers at the end.
Forever moody, she has anger issues and broods all day long with her festering negative feelings. 
She's the type to lash out, and take her anger out on you if caught in a bad mood, or even just for fun if she feels like it.
With a large black halo decoration and 4 scattered sets of wings, as well as large black flowers around her outfit, 
she walks around knowing that she turns heads when she passes. Her halo and thigh garter are adorned,
with accessories in the shaped like a rooster face from her Ayam Cemani blessing, with jewels looking like eyes an a beak. 
She has a single snakeskin boot, snakeskin leotard, and snakeskin hair band all from her Eastern Indigo blessing.
Anger is truly all she knows, she often goes out just to look for trouble.
Some say that only a pure and beautiful maiden can calm her tumultuous 
and literally pure black heart heart, if its even possible to cure her demented nature.
Thus you must be careful around her, if you don't do what she says, 
she wont hesitate to kick you with with her razor sharp talon boots!
She rarely has to use her talons though, because with thighs as thick and strong hers,
 her kicks alone can snap necks. ♡

SB: 200$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 600$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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JapanZelda's avatar
Amazing! Dark blue is very pretty!
Milavana's avatar
Your designs are always so gorgeous and detailed, but you totally killed it with this one.
She is just a goddess, really. Like WOW. SO STUNNING.
I so love the color scheme and the blessings you've chosen, her hair is just pure perfection PFF
and all the sparkles hhh <3
You've really outdone yourself!! So proud of you bby, you're AMAZING <3
Ballpoint-Ben's avatar
UGH SHEL I love this gold color that you've used so much, it just shimmers so nicely and almost fits any design I think? The indigo undertones were a very nice touch, and that amazing gold lends itself to highlight the entire design. Every time I look at her, my eyes just flicker all over her and end up at her amazing eyes staring back at me. It's like interactive art.

She's just totally stunning and Shel proves yet again she's a master at exquisite detail!
b-Eggot's avatar
Shel is absolutely perfect for the colors and the blessings. Her art and expression of beauty truly bring out the magnificence of the bird and the flair that the blessings portray. Shel's style has the iconic long legs and and make up to boot, but her art skills really do put in a lot of the magic as she's both a fashionable designer as well as a great artist in general.
Her blue hints really give something new to the rainbow and she's a delight to look at. Her gloomy, royal colors really are an amazing new take on the color blue within the rainbow and I'm excited to see more of her in the future.
121GWJolt's avatar



She's a mean queen with so many wings and hair bands that look like brass knuckles and S T O C K I N G

Shel design slays all over again. Seriously how do you keep doing this to all of us I can't irfedghoigflodeujhg
Stelluu's avatar
oh my god, when i saw her my heart stopped a lil, she honestly is such a strong, dominating beauty omg ;o; looking at her sends shivers down my spine she is literally so pretty, what an amazing job ;-; <33
mino-erika's avatar
Shel sneaking purple into her design again! She is definitely worth mythical status, and her blessings are so well represented! I cannot state in words how much I love her other than asjdjfhaskdjfhakdfkasdf !! But seriously, you did so well with her, I love how well her personality is written and the many wings she has highlighting her face and halo so perfectly! Truly a fierce queen <3
softely's avatar
of course shel would find a way to sneak purple into her design pfff
this bb is honestly so so amazing and elegant shelly! congrats on your first solo annie design 

as yami said, she is definitely worthy of a mythical!! can't wait to see more amazing designs from you bb 
drawnwithlove's avatar
You tied her blessings into her design so well, she looks so fierce and goddess-like <333
but ahh she's just amazing, you did such a great job on this superb Annie~!! 
Cammiio's avatar
She’s literally a Queen ugh sTEP on me 🙏
I love all the gold elements in her design, they definitely make her stand out more o/
And her hair is so long and pretty hh I’m weak

Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 
BabyPippo's avatar
such a majestic and gorgeous design!! she has such a powerful and demanding presence! i love it <33
chaosheart13's avatar
HOLY MOLY SHE'S GORGEOUS! I am in awe at her pose and her blessings, her outfit too! Her giant halo behind her reminds me of an ancient god and her black lipstick is umph. Gosh, her wings and her outfit are just amazing, I love everything about her! She should be a mythical I swear. XD Good job!
chippiepuff's avatar
so gorgeous !! one day i will get a shel annie T u T
this indigo is such a lovely take on black!
i love the sparkling cloth draped over each wing, as well as the way each wing gradually lightens with violet accented tips!
Hanakarie's avatar
wow that's SO beautiful!!!
Kiromei's avatar
Shel, I have to say that you absolutely killed it with this Annie! All of her blessings fit perfectly into her personality. An ice cold GODDESS. My favorite parts are the scales, those talons, and that halo! Such a perfect touch. You really did this combination justice
rce-ordinary's avatar
this girl has a very striking design! the scales on her dress and stoking are so pretty, the wings and the halo on her are exquisite, and the dark colors on her are precious. shel did a fantastic job on this one!
misellapuella's avatar
WOW OML such a gorgeous design!! 
hifure-i's avatar
SHE LOOKS LIKE A QUEEN OML SO GORGEOUS!!!!! Her design is really amazing T//////////T 🖤💙💛💙🖤
I love your choice of blessing! You did an amazing job!!
YusraUsman's avatar
Stunning. Everythibg is so on point ❤
xLynchiex's avatar
this is absolutely gorgeous
shelselle's avatar
Thank you very much! <3333
KittyDaUnicorn's avatar
SHELL YESS YOU KILLED THIS DESIGN!! Her blessings work surprisingly well together, who ever knew a chicken and snake would be the ultimate power duo? She looks so queenly, please cAN SHE STEP ON ME??
Big congrats on your first super rare <33
shelselle's avatar
THANK YOU DEAR AAAAA <3333333 i had to do it to em with the unusual blessing combo xD GLAD IT WORKED TOGETHER PFFF TYSM <3 i did one sr with pippo before, but its my first solo sr!! <3 ///u////
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