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Rainbow Annie 2019 | Day 9|1

Rainbowannie Banner by AnniverseStash
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Day 9|1

Red-tailed Black Cockatoo by AnniverseStash
Blessing names: Red-tailed black cockatoo
How many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common round
Description of blessings and Annie: 

The red-tailed black cockatoo, also known as the Banks' black cockatoo, 
originate from Australia and are usually found in eucalyptus forests.
They are sexually dimorphic, with the males usually being larger in size,
with brighter red panels on their tails, and the females having speckled golden markings on their feathers.
These cockatoos usually feed in flocks, mostly eating seeds but also fruit, nectar, and sometimes insects.

  Day 9/1 by AnniverseStash

Optional Personality: 
This mysterious Annie is a bit of a bookworm, preferring the company of paper over other beings.
She loves painting, and it's rumored that she can even paint directly in the air!
Wherever she goes, tiny gold stars seem to orbit her, lighting up a room with her presence.
She is often in her own little world, daydreaming or gazing off into the stars,
pondering what lies beyond the sky.

SB: 140$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 300$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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LacesofClouds's avatar

oh man..i was going to ask if i can use her as my icon on my profile v.v as a feature

PPPalabamahasjoinedt's avatar
lol me irl, XD imma witch!
sepiame's avatar

Lovely harmonious tones in this one. The character has an airy flow to her that fits the bird she represents. Great work! ^_^

Ryzhic's avatar
I love these colours!
JapanZelda's avatar
Gorgeous! Look at all those feathers!
Milavana's avatar
Aahh she is so beautiful!! <3 
I so adore all the golden sparkles and the little patterns on her sleeves!
Her glasses are just SO CUTE as well and I love her pose so much. <3
The wings are so majestic and beautifully done.
Cammiio's avatar
Ahh this collab is amazing 👀👀💖
I LOVE how this annie is presented painting constellations with her gold magic aah<3
Her veil paired with her amazing dress train made out of feathers looks beautiful o/

Blue Heart Icon 
Ballpoint-Ben's avatar
Oh my god this is one of my favorites this event EASILY
I love her librarian-esc aesthetic, she looks so prim and proper but so BEAUTIFUL
like the nerdy girl at school who you might not notice at first since she's so shy and tucked away but then you realize that she's more amazing than you could have ever imagined
MY god I love her so much
b-Eggot's avatar
I really love the concept of this one! Kanekiru and bitter--coffee really put themselves out there with this one. Her aesthetic and scheme is just too perfect and the way her wings are shaded makes the beauty of her blessing stand out. I'm a huge fan of her aesthetic, she looks very formal and down to business but the fact you can determine her personality by one simple pose is in itself just a prime example of the sheer talent these two artists possess. Her colors are beautifully dense so that the gold and such details stand out and overtake the piece in a harmonious mixture.
121GWJolt's avatar

Seriously like wow. She's such a queen. I love the concept of her painting in the air too. Honestly, she's really well-done and I can't wait to see where she ends up umu
Stelluu's avatar
this is such a unique and intricate annie design!!! i lov her so much and the idea of her painting stars its so interesting and the contrast of her cockatoo blessing and the dark in her design then the gold is really gorgeous <33 ;o;
mino-erika's avatar
This annie screams classy and elegant with a hint of mysteriousness ! I love all the stars and planets that orbit around her, and the curious expression she has on her face! I love the paintbrush and how it looks like she painted those stars and moons around her! My favorite thing about her is her expression, as there are many things that can be known from looking at the expression someone has on their face ;v; !!
softely's avatar
aaa this bb is so beautiful and classy! kane and ion are such an amazing duo *o*
the palette of brown, black and gold makes her look so mysterious and elegant at the same time!
my favorite is all the stars, moons and orbits that are around her 
drawnwithlove's avatar
You two did so well on this Annie!! I'm always blown away by your creativity and skill-- She's an absolute beauty! I love her personality description, she just seems so dreamy and mysterious! I'm in love with the stars and her paintbrush, it's such a sweet and unique touch I adore <3333333 Amazing work!!  
chaosheart13's avatar
She's really cute and mystical! I love the little bits of gold around her that accent her beauty and her expression is just as beautiful. I don't know what to describe it as, but it's really nice! Her clothes is stunning too, she's just stunning all around! Nice job Coffee!
chippiepuff's avatar
i love how this annie is painting the constellations with her brush.
my favorite feature in her design is the white cloth peeking through her black top. her outfit has a very formal gothic approach which i love very much. ♥♥
Kiromei's avatar
The moment I saw this Annie, I knew she would be the type to enjoy reading. I love that you added a celestial theme to her, which gives her a wonderful dreamy feel, and the dark colors complement that perfectly. I'm a sucker for glasses and freckles, so this Annie speaks to me so much.
zeres-exe's avatar

This is stunning as heck!

kikonade's avatar
Love the star and moon theme, and the over an aesthetic of her! The brown like black shades and yellows/golds are so nice and soft.
Overall a nice simple Annie that deserves the AB she got.
Yasuuko's avatar
Meyer69's avatar
Wonderfull Wonderfull!!
hifure-i's avatar
SHE IS SO GORGEOUS 🖤💛🌌 i love the galaxy pattern on her design aaaaaaa
Love her color very much!!! Truely stunning T///7///T also congrat to the winner!
Namriela's avatar
ohh beautiful! <3
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