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Rainbow Annie 2019 | Day 8|3

Rainbowannie Banner by AnniverseStash
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Day 8|3

Gardenia by AnniverseStash Sika Deer by AnniverseStash White Tern by AnniverseStash
Blessing names: Gardenia | Sika Deer | White Tern
How many Blessings: 3
Rarity: Super Rare
Eyes: Uncommon heart shaped pupils
Description of blessings and Annie: 

The Gardenia is a beautiful flowering plant that is indigenous to tropical in Asia, Africa, Madagascar, and Pacific Islands.
These pretty flowers are known for their strong sweet scent and glossy leather like leaves that grow around them. 
Be warned though, these flowers can be fussy and demand specific environments and care due to it's origination in humid tropical areas .

This elegant deer is called a Sika Deer, or commonly known as the Japanese Deer or Spotted Deer. 
These creatures are originally from East Asia, but was later introduced into various parts of the world,
and are one of the few species of deer that don't lose their spots upon reaching maturity! 
Though unlike many deer, these beauties aren't finicky around human heavy disturbances,
and are popular in Japan as the "bowing deer", who bow their heads to humans to be fed special cookies!

The White tern (Gygis alba) is a small bird that is found all across the tropical oceans of the world. 
They are considered a seabird due to their adaptation to life in the marine environment, 
like nesting on coral islands. Unlike other terns who build nests on the ground,
there birds will lay eggs without a nest on small and thin branches.

  Day 8/3 by AnniverseStash

Optional Personality: 
From first glance, this beauty may look like the sorta of rarity that you admire from a distance, 
as even the slightest breath her way could taint the pureness of this Annie's glowing existence. 
But on the contrary my friend, as this Annie adores the presence of others around her,
and enjoys a full on and open-hearted conversation.  This dark chocolate beauty is adorned,
in the most purest of whites and shiniest of golds, giving her a heavenly vibe. 
She gives off a warm and gentle aurora that not only makes you feel relaxed while being around her,
but also making you feel airless from any negativity that may be plaguing you.
Be it sitting in her angelic presence in comforting silence, or caressing her large wings to ease your mind,
this sweet lady will always be there for you to soothe you, leaving you with a warm feeling in your chest.

SB: 200$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 600$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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Lillypaw1987's avatar
YAAASSSSSSS. So pretty in white! White and gold are so pretty together especially on her I'd think!
YuyukoSheeta's avatar

Oh my :0

I'm a sucker for frills and ribbons in dresses XD

JapanZelda's avatar
My god, she's gorgeous! I love the white combine with her dark skin!!!
Milavana's avatar
The love and attention to detail is just W O W. She's so beautiful, such an angel and 
looks like a pure queen. I love everything about her, you just nailed it! <3
Cammiio's avatar
This annie is S T U N N I N G ❤️
I briefly popped in when you were streaming to take a look at this beautiful annie and I’m in awe at how detailed she is!
The contrast with her rich chocolate-y skin and the white of her outfit and wings is lovely~ 

Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 
b-Eggot's avatar
I actually have very little words for this girl! Oma-Chi just .. did an amazing job. I'm too mesmerized to really think about how I feel over her, she's obviously a beaut and the way her simple color scheme is packed into the design really shines on Oma's talent and dedication to stay true to the blessings of the Annies she designs. The addition of the vial and it's glittery contents make for a gorgeous addition of colors to a pale, yet stunning design.
Ballpoint-Ben's avatar
We are gathered here today for the funeral of Oma's wrists. They may have perished while making this annie and her ten billion details, but it was SO TOTALLY WORTH IT LOOK AT HER OMA AAAA
Oma cements herself as one of the best
I love u and i love she
121GWJolt's avatar


She's stunning. The horns complement the wings so well and just "make" the design for me. That globe in her hands is mesmerizing as well. Honestly just love her so much. Would stare for ages.
Flutterbunny76's avatar
She's absolutely beautiful!!!!
I love her neck ruff! :iconinloveplz:
Stelluu's avatar
she is so detailed, im in love T^T her cute deer blessing mixed with the tern and gardenia just makes a stunning combo. She is elegance, she is grace, she is going to make your heart race. <333
mino-erika's avatar
I love the amount of detail that is put into this annie design ! Her skin contrasting with her white blessings really make this annie stand out! She is so regal looking in her outfit, and she would be fit to be a queen ! I was so excited for this annie to appear, and am very blessed to have been able to see her! Congrats on the ab! 
BabyPippo's avatar
such a beauty ; o ; <333 i love the tiny, intricate details in her design!
chaosheart13's avatar
She's such a beautiful Annie! Her skin and white blessings and clothes compliment her well and I love the color of her eyes! Her horns and wings also fit her, making her even more regal! The outfit is nice, but it looks a bit cluttered in the middle? Still, I love the design, good job!
Bolties's avatar
my eyes are absolutely blessed by this annie oma!?!?
first of all the blessings are amazing, the deer is my favorite animal and you have paired it off wonderfully ♥
i love that while it appears unified outwardly, you are able to pick out which blessings come into effect where!
she has a gorgeous midriff window and the diamonds in her orb add such a lovely pop of color.
my eye is drawn to her beautiful skin which contrasts her bright clothing.
drawnwithlove's avatar
I absolutely adore her so much! The amount of detail you put into your designs is just--- mind blowing~! 
She's so pretty, and I love the contrast of her skin with her white palette! She's so pretty >////< 
Marvellous job!!!   
Kiromei's avatar
Where do I even start with this beauty? First of all I really appreciate all the details that you added to her design from the gold leaf vines to her freckles and her shining diamonds. I love the contrast of her dark skin against all the white and soft golds, and I also love how you gave her those beautiful deer ears, which really stand out. Her design embodies gentle purity and kindness. You did a fantastic job designing her, Oma.
hifure-i's avatar
What a gorgeous design oh my gaaaaawwdd !!!!!! Her design is really stunning Q//////////Q I'd be really happy if I can adopt her T////T 💛💛💟💟
tippisuu's avatar
[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara oma oh my goodness
you know how excited i was for this annie to appear
she's such a beautiful design and you clearly put so much detail and love into bringing her to life
i hope i may have the opportunity to one one of your annies in the future <333
LisaSouto's avatar
aaaaaaaa so lovely 
aImsivi's avatar
the amount of details is insane. ; w ;
i love this design so much, it's gorgeous. <33
DrainedDaisies's avatar
This is beautiful! You're such a wonderful artist. 
softely's avatar
eeep oma you've really outdone yourself this time, she's perfection!! 
i saw her own stream when you were just starting to base color her and i fell in love TT u TT
so happy to see she got AB-ed tho aaa! her dark chocolate skin contrasts so well with all the white 
rce-ordinary's avatar
the colors on this one blends so nicely! the gold accents and the diamonds give an elegant touch as well!
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