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Rainbow Annie 2019 | Day 8|2

Rainbowannie Banner by AnniverseStash
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Day 8|2

White Delphinium by AnniverseStash
Blessing names: White Delphinium
How many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common
Description of blessings and Annie: 

Delphinium, more commonly known as larkspur, is a summer flower known for its height and illustriousness.
The name delphinium comes from a Greek word meaning dolphin, referring to the buds resembling a dolphin's nose. 
The flower has many meanings, but is generally thought of as the flower of new experiences, positivity and youth, 
and they're often used to communicate joy and encouragement. Especially white delphiniums are the symbol of youth, 
renewal and new beginnings. The flower is also the official birth flower for July. 

  Day 8/2 by AnniverseStash

Optional Personality: 
The Annie greets you with a mellow but slightly embarrassed expression on her face.
Though she might seem uncomfortable, she has a pure, shy heart which always seeks new friends.
Through her gentleness and her inspiring hope, she never fails to charm anyone who crosses her path! 
However a little mysterious, this Annie seems like she is hiding more than just a gentle spirit - 
even the most intuitive of Annies would be surprised to see her become a fierce protector whenever danger arises.

SB: 140$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 300$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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Savannahbanana21's avatar

are you sure this is your art beacuse this is way too good to be true! keep up the good work doing fab!

Kiyoko94's avatar
So cute dolphin *-*
JapanZelda's avatar
Haaan, she seems so sad but she's so pretty! <3
iugen's avatar
I love her colors so much :heart:
Milavana's avatar
What a princess hhh <3
I love everything about her, she looks so shy and sweet and her outfit
is just so beautiful! I love how her blessing is showing so much, the flowers are everywhere in the outfit,
even in her hair, she looks like a little fairy! <3
Such a beauty!
Cammiio's avatar
This annie has literally stolen my heart hh 💓 
Her outfit is just 1000/10 hh 😭💖
This bb looks so delicate and beautiful 
I also love how her hair is tied together with delphiniums!!

Llama Emoji-81 (Heart You) [V4] 
b-Eggot's avatar
This Annie fits the aesthetic of her blessing perfectly. Drawn back as she fits into the background, she's very pleasing to look at and has a beautiful design to match. She has little clothing but that simplicity is what makes her beautiful, it's the sheer mesmerization I feel upon seeing her that, whilst I had it with every other Annie from Rainbowannie, really makes me feel something completely new and unique in regards to this girl.
Rain-ee and Deency make a splendid duo and I hope to see them collab in the future!
Ballpoint-Ben's avatar
Oh my god it's a garter belt
I love her
I love her outfit, I love her staff, I love the abundance of tiny flowers covering her, and HER EYES REALLY JUST SEAL THE DEAL
Unffff I can't handle it, she's so gorgeous
121GWJolt's avatar

Seriously, she's so eye-catching and I love how she just stands out to me. She's so cute and her flowers just make her even cuter, and that staff is beautifu. I love her aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Stelluu's avatar
what a beautiful, unique, elegant, detailed design ;-; such a lovely classy overall composition im sobbing
mino-erika's avatar
She's so delicate! I love her personality and how it is represented within the design itself! She definitely has a delicate look to her and it is seen through the posing and outfit, the softer and cooler tones of white really make this annie stand out from the rest ;;v;;
BabyPippo's avatar
shes so delicate and feminine <33 i especially love the over all soft and cool tone !
chaosheart13's avatar
An interesting design! She looks shy and sweet, her facial expression and pose showing that off well. Her staff is also pretty good! I kinda wish she had more clothes on but then again that's me being a dumbbutt and liking Annies with more clothes on them rather than skimpy :'D Good job though!
Bolties's avatar
i am totally obsessed with this annie , she is so delicate!
her drifting twin drills are gorgeous and i adore her symmetry. 
one of my favorite parts of the design is her eyelashes. they make her look so gentle and demure. ♥
drawnwithlove's avatar
EEEE i'm super in love with this girl, Deency and Rain-ee!!
Her expression is just so endearing and I love how detailed her outfit is--
She is just precious!!! So pleasing to the eye, and her personality is a gem!!
You guys did such an amazing job together, talk about dream team~! //v//
hifure-i's avatar
I'm truely in love with your design!! Her outfit, her hair, her color and those tiny flower. Her design is very amazing Q///////Q
She's very gorgeous!! 💙💟💙
TrendyStaMacigian's avatar
I love your art and I always really loved your art style! The way you color and shade is pretty. I remember your YouTube channel and when you read my comment on a livestream it made my day
NyanAFK's avatar
i love this style
tippisuu's avatar
[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara this is such a beauty, oh my goodness
deency and rain-ee, you two make such a powerful combination
i am so happy you both got such a swift ab, you truly deserve it!
i hope we get to see such another beautiful combination by you both in the future!
marykarara's avatar
bluewingfairy's avatar
Good morning, sooo adorable and so sweet!!!!!!.
softely's avatar
i'm loving all these painterly style annies aaa we need more!!
another amazing design from rain-ee and deency! she is so gorgeous *o*
so happy she was ab-ed right away! her dress is something i wish i owned irl aaa 
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