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Rainbow Annie 2019 | Day 4|1


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Day 4|1

Green Peacock by AnniverseStash
Blessing names: Indian Peafowl
How many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common round
Description of blessings and Annie: 

This flashy bird is closely related to the peacock, most known for the males' gorgeous tails used to attract females.
These large birds are even larger than most pheasants, and because of their unique appearance, 
are even worshiped in some cultures. They live in small groups and lounge around in shade during the hottest parts of the day,
 only emerging once the temperature has cooled off. A common misconception is that the extravagant feathers are part of the tail-
 they actually grow on the peafowl's back, while their actual tail is short and brown like females. 
  Day 4/1 by AnniverseStash

Optional Personality: 

This Annie is fabulous, and she wants you to know that. 
She will confidently strut around and use her extravagant beauty to get what she wants. 
She is often flitting from person to person, making friends wherever she goes as opposed to keeping just a few close friendships. 
Despite this, she manages to maintain close connections to the many she meets. Oddly enough, 
she believes in the ancient legend that nightmares linger in the air and caries a dream catcher wherever she goes to ward off these bad dreams. 

SB: 140$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 300$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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Lillypaw1987's avatar
I don't know why... but... I love the contrast between bright colors and dark skin tones. It looks really good!
121GWJolt's avatar
DeNao Mooku has strucketh and I am amazed. Those dream catchers have also caught my eye and she's a stunning and well-thought-out design. Every curve and every incorporation of those tail feathers only serves to enhance the overall composition of the design. I am seriously in love with this, wow.
mino-erika's avatar
Nao and Nae stealing my heart with this annie! If I were to imagine a peacock annie, it would be something like this I would think! I love details in characters, but this character has so little details yet it seems so well composed, I wouldn't even think they were detailed! The dynamic colouring that comes from nao really brings this annie to one of my top three! Absolutely adorable and congrats on the super fast ab!!
b-Eggot's avatar
I wish I could be more detailed, but one thing stands: She absolutely slays.
I really adore her colors, they're the clean pretty greens that are refreshing to look at. Her dark, warm skin makes these colors stand out even more and her blessings are well composed into her design. I love both Nao and Denae so it's really amazing to see these two talented artists work together! I admire the dynamic coloring that has so much depth and surface all at the same time. Really, really beautiful :heart:
Ballpoint-Ben's avatar
If I had imagined a peacock Annie, it DEFINITELY would be something like this! Naturally, she's a dancer who knows how to strut her stuff just like her blessing and I love it!
The dream catchers were a really nice touch and lend very well to the aesthetic, and the blue-green color gradient is AMAZING
chaosheart13's avatar
What a queen! She's so gorgeous and her skin is so smooth! The shines compliment her look and I love the exotic princess vibe! The dreamcatcher and the hairpieces/earrings are just the icing on the cake! Good job you two, you did well!
Bolties's avatar
i love her warm skin tone and how it contrasts the cool colors on her outfit c:
she is wearing my favorite colors, especially the ombre in her hair which is gorgeous!
a nice addition is the way the gems crawl up her face from her neckpiece. ♥
kikonade's avatar
I love her position and theme, her outfit is also really nice. And those eyes are almost on a realistic scale (just not too realistic to be creepy) nice! Really love her tattoos they add a nice touch.
hifure-i's avatar
What a gorgeous annie!!!! I love her design on the peacock tail pattern! Very amazing~~ also love the color pallete you use q///////q 💚💙💛
Cammiio's avatar
Eep this annie is gorgeous!!
Both of your styles work so fluidly together, it’s lovely to see o/
I love how her dark coloured hair fades out to a bright green at the end of her ponytail, super pretty ^^<3

Stocking Heart Emote 
InsaneNicky's avatar
Woah that shadong on her face makes it seem nearly real oh my god
Veratai's avatar
chibi-ish and handsome? this is a cool mix :3
drawnwithlove's avatar
this girl is super duper gorgeous!! I just love her blessing and how you designed her, the colours and everything just-- perfection!! 
The thought of you two collabing never crossed my mind yet, it's something i've always needed in my life omg?? ////v////
your styles together just create such a beautiful piece!! This girl is absolutely stunning!! <33333 Wonderful work you two! 
tippisuu's avatar
[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara oh my goodness denae and nao
i never imagined you two would have such a magical style together!! TT////A////TT
i love her so much!
you did an amazing job with her design and showing off the grace of the peafowl~!
HanaoKiku's avatar
softely's avatar
omg a nae and nao collab eep!!
she's so fancy and colorful yet not too overwhelming and elegant at the same time! 
i love how i can see both artists' styles even though they're meshed together *o*
HanaoKiku's avatar
Thank you so much!! Yes, we both were so excited to work together because our styles meld very well! 
xMelonDrop's avatar
My wig has blown away so many times today.. Wonderful work! <3
HanaoKiku's avatar
Thank you!
JapanZelda's avatar
Jeez, she's gorgeous! The pose is amazing!
HanaoKiku's avatar
Thank you! Lol, the pose is so sassy and confident, I love it too ^^
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