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Rainbow Annie 2019 | Day 1|1


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Day 1|1

Ruby Seedless Grapes by shelselle
Blessing names: Ruby Seedless Grapes
How many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common round
Description of blessings and Annie: 

 Ruby Seedless Grapes are classified as a table grapes, belonging to species Vitis vinifera. 
Besides distinctive crimson color, this type of grapes tend to have large, seedless fruit with relatively thin skin. 
Seedless on it's own make up the overwhelming majority of table grape plantings.
Because grapevines are vegetatively propagated by cuttings, 
the lack of seeds does not present a problem for reproduction.
Ruby Seedless Grapes are usually eaten raw.
Ruby Grapes are also often used for making dried grapes,
which can be referred to as "raisins".
  Day 1/1 by AnniverseStash

Optional Personality: 

This cute Annie has a very sweet blessing.
She has swirls in her hair and curls that drape across the floor. 

With many different shades of red, she manages to look both classy and pure.
She loves to drink wine and is even skilled with making it!~

SB: 140$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 300$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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121GWJolt's avatar
This is such an extremely adorable design, I wanna poof those curls so much.

I really like how together the design is, and how you encorporated the grapes as hair ties!
mino-erika's avatar
Oh my gosh!! This annie is so adorable! I love the painted colouring she has and how well rendered the grapes in her hair are, the soft colouring makes her appear to be soft and cuddly, which is something I really adore in this annie ;; amazing work!!
chaosheart13's avatar
Can I just saw how cute she is? I love the painted look of this style and her face is so round and squishy I want to squish it. I loved how the colors blended in together to create this stunning Annie! And she's really adorable too, her outfit and triangle smile suit her! Good job!
Ballpoint-Ben's avatar
I LOVE WHAT YOU did with her hair the big grapes look straight up edible, why do you amazing artists draw food that looks better than food in real life?
She just looks so precious and like an absolute doll!!
hifure-i's avatar
love how soft the coloring style here ///
Soft and cute, make me want to cuddle her ;;v;; ❤❤❤
And her dress make she looks even more adorable !! T////T
InsaneNicky's avatar
How did you make the dress look so delicate ;//~//; <3
tippisuu's avatar
[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara oh my goodness, ani~!!
this is such a cute annie!! <333
you did an amazing job with making her blessing so subtle and elegant <333
her personality as well is just the most adorable!!
Milavana's avatar
She is so cute!! <3 I love the colors so much and the hair looks so pretty!
The dress is really adorable and poufy, I love poufy dressses so much <3
Such a sweetheart!
drawnwithlove's avatar
This Annie looks so juicy and adorable~! I love her blessing and her poofy dress, as well as the gradient in her twin tails!! You can almost taste the wine she's making! ///v/// you did such a great job on her~~!! <3333
Aspintacular's avatar
This annie is too cute! I love the way you incorporated the grapes into her hair and her overall hairstyle! Wonderful job <3
softely's avatar
aaa anitori, i love how everything is the same palette but she still looks so interesting! *^*
her dress looks simple but all the little details on it makes it so much more elegant!!
my favorite part is her ombré twintails 
anitori's avatar
I like the way her twintails turned out too!! <3
Thank you!
lina1313's avatar
I love her dress! The small lacy details and the ribbons are lovely, and the style works well with her hairdo.
JapanZelda's avatar
Han, such a cutie! <3
BabyPippo's avatar
beautiful colours that melt into each other <33 * u*
anitori's avatar
Thank you Pippo! <3
Kiehran's avatar
I love how the grapes are tied into her hair! Her dress is so adorable!
CandyM0M0K0's avatar
Really like the color palette for this Annie, her hairstyle and color gradient on her hair is lovely.
I love how poofie her dress is and I also love eating grapes, but I wouldn't eat her, I would hug her♥!
anitori's avatar
aawww >\\\<
Thank you Momoko <3
awesomestarz's avatar
I thought that she was a Vampire at first~! A cherry vampire! She has very rich red colors~! I love her design!
Imugiki's avatar
What a cutie!! I love the gradient in her hair, and the twintails and curls~ It goes super well with making the design light on top and dark on the bottom. Paired with the symmetry of her dress, this is a well-balanced design! 
anitori's avatar
Thank you Forru! :heart: :heart: :heart: 
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