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Mermay Day|16

Mermay Banner  by Yamio 
Day 16 Sunset Wag Platy | Pygmy water lilies

  Sunset Wag Platy By Sueweetie-dc90hpy by Yamio  Pygmy Water Lilies By Sueweetie-dc90hpl by Yamio 

Blessing names: Sunset Wag Platy | Pygmy water lilies
How many Blessings: 2
Rarity: Uncommon
Eyes: Uncommon Lotus Shaped
Description of blessings and Annie:

The Sunset Wag Platy is also known as Xiphophorus Maculatus. Platy’s are a very popular aquarium fish, and don’t require anything special. 
A peaceful community aquarium with at least 2 females should be kept to each male, so they aren’t continually harassed. 
Also for the same reason, a tank housing both male and female Platy’s would ideally contain plants so the females can get out of the way of the male. 
These fish are undoubtedly one of the most popular in the hobby. They come in a massive variety of coloured strains. 
Many fish stores recommend these fish as suitable for first time fish owners. They are easy to look after, but will usually struggle with a cycling tank,
and would probably die, so they should not be added to a tank until the cycle has been completed. 
This particular breed have gorgeous colors that resemble that of a sunset. It has a dark tail but vibrant red and orange gradient on its body.

Pygmy Water Lilies is also known as Nymphaeaceae which are part of a family of flowering plants. Most species of water lilies have rounded,
variously notched, waxy-coated leaves on long stalks that contain many air spaces and float in quiet freshwater habitats. 
The stalks arise from thick, fleshy, creeping underwater stems that are buried in the mud. 
The showy, fragrant, solitary flowers are borne at or above the water surface on long stalks that are attached to the underground stems. 
Each cuplike flower has a spiral arrangement of its numerous petals. Some flowers open only in the morning or in the evening to attract insect pollinators. 
The fruit is usually nutlike or berrylike. Some fruits ripen underwater until they rupture or decay, and the seeds then float away or sink. 
Some water lilies also have submerged leaves. Water lilies provide food for fish and wildlife but sometimes cause drainage problems because of their rapid growth.
Many varieties have been developed for ornamental use in garden pools and conservatories.

Water does not stop this Annie from having a fluffy coat!
With great elegance she embrace herself with lillies to stand out among her colourful blessing. ♥

Mermay Calendar yami by Yamio 

SB: 100$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 700$

Auction ends after 48H after last bid.
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Metanyu's avatar
OMG I love you art !! Keep up the good work >v< <3 !!
RamboNyanKitty's avatar
Her hairdo is so unique and elaborate! Kinda reminds me of a birdcage of sorts - I love it! It’s like a amalgamation of rococo beehive and ancient Chinese accessories 💖
Berryzem's avatar
My goodness the hair is insane! Scared I'm really liking these lotus/lily-fish blessing pairings, especially the striking-yet-analogous color schemes! beautiful work Sueweetie!  
JapanZelda's avatar
Oh god, she's gorgeous! What a fantastic design!!!
Sanji301's avatar
You sweet little artist, you know what? this is AMAZING. I love it
luukassl's avatar
She is so beautiful and I love the vibrant colors x
FatimaMurtada's avatar
Great job Akari Akazaki (Good Job) [V3]     
RGeru's avatar
So beautiful chibi as always!!La love La love La love 
Piffi-sisters's avatar
mmmmh she is SUPER CUTE ;_;!! I adore the tone of red and orange with this white, look super bright and joyful \T///T/!! <3 <3
ReaTheToyFox's avatar
What a beautiful lady.! These are goddamn gorgeous, no matter what.
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This is so pretty!
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Bid here!!

SB: 100$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 700$

Auction ends after 48H after last bid.
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