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Hannannie Day 20



Day 10 - Fugenzo, Kikuzakura, Kanzan and Higanzakura Cherry

          Fugenzo by Njaesen  Kikuzakura by Njaesen  Kanzan by Njaesen  Higanzakura by Njaesen 

How many Blessings: 4
Blessing names: Fugenzo, Kikuzakura, Kanzan and Higanzakura Cherry
Eyes: Glowing Cherry Petals
Rarities: Mythical


Fugenzo might seem like just another flowering cherry, in the garden it somehow stands out as one of the best. It has a graceful appearance and exudes harmony and poise.
The flowers are almost white when they blossom and gradually turn pink to dark pink as they mature.

Kikuzakura blossoms, despite being a quite small tree it still astounds with its impressive flowers that resembles bouquets, each flower can boast up to 130 petals each. 

The Kanzan Cherry is easily one of the most dazzling and showiest of all cherry trees. Positively stunning in the spring, the blooms are a clear pink, double flower. 
Huge clusters of carnation-like blossoms will be the envy of the neighborhood for weeks.
In the fall your Kanzan will again become the center of attention when its foliage transforms from a cool light green to a brilliant golden-orange.

Higanzakura, Its pale pink blossoms are quite small. One thing special about this kind of cherry trees is very long-lived and some grows into a really huge trees. 
Many Edo-higanzakura has around 1000 – 1500 years old and still remains its beauty and ages

  HANANNIE EVENT 2017 by Yamio

Owner AkaneRaikou
SB: 90$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 475$

Time: 72H after the Annies are uploaded!
Snipe guard 2 hours!
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Haaaan, what a cutie! So much pink!