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Hanannie Day | 9


  Hanannie Banner by Yamio 
Day 9 Cithaerias Esmerelda

     Cithaerias Esmerelda By Sueweetie-dc62m3t by Yamio 

Blessing names: Cithaerias Esmerelda
How many Blessings: 1
Rarities: Common
Eyes: Common
Description of blessings and Annie: 
White butterfly bullet 
The Cithaerias Esmerelda only lives in exotic locations. Because its wings lack the scales most butterflies have for color,
its wings are transparent expect for the visible veins and the bottom, the only place where the colored scales are.
For food, they specifically target flowers that help them produce substances that deter predators from eating them.
Their chrysalis, or cocoon, is unlike the typical brown or green colors of most butterflies.
Instead they create a metallic-looking silver chrysalis that some say resembles a mirror.

The Annie loves to wear exotic colors that really brings out her blessing, the Cithaerias Esmeralda butterfly.
She wears a gorgeous flowy dress with an iridescent sunset sash tied near her waist. Her dress and stockings are decorated with fancy gold patterns.
But all of that is still not enough to showcase her exotic beauty. She gives off a elegant dancer vibe.
She adorns her big curls with a sparkly veil and butterfly headpieces with a whole variety of different gemstones and crystals.
This Annie is truly an expensive beauty!

White butterfly bullet 

SB:  80$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 550$

 Auction end after 72H.
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walkerelaine's avatar
Just magnificent!!
HanaoKiku's avatar
I'm glad you like her ^^
AlienLover123's avatar
That's beautiful.  I love this color palette. Love 
HanaoKiku's avatar
Thank you! I fell in love with the color palette~ Sue did such a wonderful job with it as well!
zeres-exe's avatar
Probably one of my faves QAQ 
HanaoKiku's avatar
Ahhh I'm honored that you consider her one of your favorites ;w;;;
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Wow cool! Yeah really cool how this looks! Your really good at drawing women! Wish I was good at it too....
HanaoKiku's avatar
Sue's anatomy is goals ahaha ^^
Practice makes perfect! Just keep trying, look for references, and work hard! <3
Oni-Sakazuki's avatar
Woaaaaaw :o beautiful!
HanaoKiku's avatar
JapanZelda's avatar
What a gorgeous girl! The colors, my god, so amazing! I love it so much!
HanaoKiku's avatar
Me and Sue loved the colors as well, thank you! <3
HanaoKiku's avatar
HanaoKiku's avatar
shelselle's avatar
nao and sue you did an amazing job! <3 congrats nao on making your first annie, i knew you would do amazing ; ) and sue, you did great as always! <3 she's so beautiful! 
HanaoKiku's avatar
Awww Shel ;w;;; Thank you
Ditto you did amazing as well, I was so shocked to see such a beautiful design when you first showed me!
Sueweetie's avatar
Thank you so so much Shel T__T <3
Your annie did amazing as well! Im excited to see more from you <3
01nu's avatar
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